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Fun show, 27 September 2011

I watched the premiere out of curiosity, and I was surprised to find a show that is both interesting and done in a very tasteful manner. I was worried about the depiction of female characters (for obvious reasons), but they are not depicted as simple sexual objects. On the contrary, these characters are shown as intelligent, independent, and resourceful.

Only two episodes aired to this day, but the potential for character development is there. The show manages to have some social and political themes, plus there is a bit of mystery, music, and humour.

The various actresses and actors (all people I didn't know) do a good job. I especially like Amber Heard, as Maureen (the main female character), Leah Renee Cudmore, and guest star Sean Maher.

Conclusion: it is a pretty decent show (and it changes from all the procedurals who stick to their unmovable, predictable, recipe).

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Fun, intelligent series, 22 July 2011

First of all, I've read here comments comparing Warehouse 13 to other shows (The X-Files, for example). I've seen a lot of sci-fi/fantasy, and, in my opinion, Warehouse 13 is quite original.

Both main characters, agents Lattimer and Bering, are different and complement each other very well. Lattimer is as funny and sweet as Bering is by-the-book and a total professional. That makes for an interesting duo, especially given the nice, brother and sister relationship that develops between them. Both are also very well played by Eddie McClintock and Joanne Kelly. The second season introduces recurring character H.G. Wells (perfectly portrayed by Jaime Murray), a great and mysterious character.

I highly recommend it for fans whom like a blending of the genres. The episodes contain a nice, well-done blend of comedy, drama, adventure, and sci-fi. The stories are typically well-written and allow for fun, entertaining, and suspenseful artifact chasing, but not at the expense of character development. There are no cardboard characters here.

Also worth of mention: W13 is not the typical "all-boys club with one bombshell" series. Male and female characters are equally interesting.

Last, but not least, W13 is an intelligent series. There are, for example, historical and literary mentions, which is frankly quite appealing.

Bottom line: Warehouse 13 is fun and smart.

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A Must See!, 15 February 2006

"Imagine Me & You" is everything a romantic comedy should be: charming, original, containing funny, delightful scenes, based on a good story (with no gigantic Hollywood clichés), and played by a great cast. The characters, main and secondary, are interesting.

I cannot say enough good things about the cast. Piper Perabo and Lena Headey are both excellent. And the same is true for the other members of the cast (Tony Head, Matthew Goode, etc).

The fact that there is a lesbian relationship made the movie quite interesting to me. But, really, I would highly recommend it to any people (straight or gay) who appreciate a feel-good, touching (but not sappy)well-done romantic comedy.