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Undertow (2004)
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B+ Movie, A+ Boring, 26 March 2006

If you are looking for an action, thriller, or suspense movie--skip by this. If you are looking for a great story/plotted movie with emotion and thematic elements, pick this up. Either way, be prepared for a slow and very boring movie. I believe this should have definitely been rated PG-13, because the single violent scene shouldn't deserve enough to be an R-rating. Nonetheless, it is a good film with excellent acting, well-played dramatical intensity, and an overall good film. Not recommended for action or thriller fans, though. I can say, anyhow, that the movie moved me a bit and kept me wanting to see the end; if you pick this up and start watching it, you better finish it. However, one thing that did disappoint me was the abrupt ending; cannot say how it ends {no spoilers}, but when/if you do watch it (-all the way through-) then you should know what I mean. Yet if you are one of those people who pick up a movie and will stop it after like thirty minutes of being pretty bored, then don't get or else you better finish it--because in the end it was worth it. Recommended, of course, for rent. 7/10, 3/5

Alien Apocalypse (2005) (TV)
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Entertaining B-Movie, 19 February 2006

I would have to give this movie either a 6 or 6.5 out of 10. Number one, Bruce Campbell sticks to his lame and low-budget movies, always aiming to make them better; he got this one, to me, because it is truly an entertaining yet extremely horrible B-Movie. The wigs and beards were probably bought at 'Just $1', the acting was pretty darn terrible, the hot woman in there most guys like me were like "now we're getting somewhere," but then you yell at her to speak the heck up because her voice is irritatingly quiet...that may sound like a pet-peeve, but wait until YOU watch it. And I do encourage you to rent it, at least. There are a few goofs/mistakes, or things that a lot of people would question, but since this movie was made on such a low-budget and it has intentional lame-but-funny humor, then WHY NOT.?.

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One of the best FPS games (on Xbox), 27 December 2005

This game has got to be one of the best FPS games--on PS2 and Xbox. It combines characteristics of Metroid Prime by the way you see through the helmet, Halo by the way of having rechargeable shields, and the Rainbow Six games by the way you control your squad. Also, the controls for your squad are easy, and at times you'll be more than proud to have them with you because they actually help you during a firefight. Another great thing about the game is the amazing graphics, and something that may be small but i still like: there's an automatic 'windshield wiper' thing on your helmet face-shield when rain drops cloud your vision or when you get up close and slice an enemy with your vibroblade (the melee attack)--causing blood to spurt up unto your mask. Lastly, not only are the weapons great, but the environments are, too, and the enemies are as well. Moreover, the personalities (mostly comical) of your squad members make you feel really into it, and may causer a laugh or two.

I DEFINITELY recommend this game, to any FPS-lover. It truly is a more darker and militaristic take from other Star Wars games, making it all the better.

Jarhead (2005)
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Excellent movie, but don't go if you're expecting "Saving Private Ryan", 5 November 2005

Like I said, this movie is a great movie, but don't go if you're expecting some violent war movie (like "Saving Private Ryan"). It has its emotional moments, has plenty of crude yet pure humor, pervasive strong profanity and two sexual scenes. Overall, I rated this with a 9/10. It could've deserved a 10 if there was just a BIT of action, but I'm not going to go out on that because I thought "Jarhead" is definitely the best movie of the year thus far. Some parts are abrupt, but nonetheless the way they filmed the movie makes all the difference, and the acting is beyond terrific. In fact, even if you ARE expecting a violent war movie -- disregard that thought, accept this as the movie that it is, and go see it anyways.

Alexander (2004)
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Great by means of storyline, acting was excellent, but confusing and the battle scenes were done too quickly., 11 September 2005

Like I said, this movie deserves nothing above an 8. The lowest it should receive is a 7, however, but that's beyond the point. This movie is not for those who like a lot of intense battle scenes; this one only had two, i think, and they were distantly spaced apart; also, you couldn't tell wtf was going on. Otherwise, the acting was great--and I really (me, especially) like how Angelina Jolie looked--even though it was beyond retardation as to how Angelina never aged a a day over twenty years. Lol. It's true, in appearances at least. Anyhow, I remain to suggest this movie. But expect ultimate confusion, dizzying and few battle scenes, but at the same time great acting, an especially-good shot of Rosario Dawson (and Colin Ferrel, for those girls out there), and some good twists. no spoilers here; go see the movie! (rent it, though, don't buy it). 8/10 and 3/5.