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Sumptuous and Lavish, with bits of history as a backdrop., 3 January 2013

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I have been reading the reviews above, and can't for the life of me understand why some feel the need to tear it apart. My husband found this while cruising thru the viewing grid. We went back and downloaded the first couple of episodes to watch. When we watched, we were impressed with the high production values. We knew this was a work of fiction with the Titanic being the background. Most miniseries are originally based in some truth, but filled out fiction. Even James Cameron's movie had fictional characters. That said, I found the first couple of episodes very engaging. I did find the character of Mark Muir to be a bit of a pompous jerk. I loved Lord Pirrie and Thomas. I think Chris Noth did a great job as JP Morgan. It appeared that they gave Neve Campbell a completely factious role so they could have a little bit of recognition from the American audiences. They could've stretched this out to two seasons and not rushed the story lines along. Some of the background stories were rushed and you ended up not caring about it. There were all types of situations that some of those characters would never have been in due to class restrictions of the times. The accents are off and sometimes unbelievable. The production is of high values and in HD. They are beautifully shot. Some of the costumes are out of character for the people in them. The costumes are stunning. Sophia is a beautiful girl, and her dresses are equally beautiful. I found it a bit too rich for her poverty surroundings. She never wore the same outfit twice. Kitty's costumes were beautiful and class appropriate. The men mostly wore clothes that were appropriate. I hope that the people who watch this enjoy it for what it is, a miniseries that entertains. If you spend the entire series picking it apart for historical inaccuracies, then you are just wasting your time. Watch it and enjoy the production as a whole. Most of us have no idea of how Belfast looks today, much less back in the early 1900's. I enjoyed the story, but was frustrated about how it ended. They should've taken their time and spread it out into 2 seasons. Don't skip this program due to reviews. Watch the first episodes and decide for yourself. I watched it on demand from Encore. With all of the reruns being shown now, it's a fresh option to watch on a weeknight or weekend.