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By "underrated", I'm not referring to the exact definition of the word. I'm only referring to movies which in my opinion didn't, or haven't got the attention they deserve. I also base it on my own personal experiences, with people I've talked to about movies over the years.
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Some of them due to a (sometimes hidden) message. Some of them due to a build up relationship between characters, which will lead to several deep conversations and perspective views, which sometimes turn into sort of a grand finale, where everything is laid down flat on the table.

But, what most of them have in common, is that they give the viewer something to think about in relation to their own lives, future, options, in terms of what is important, motivating and necessary in life and society.
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- and at the same time would recommend to anybody.
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Not currently in order. This list is "brewing", feel free to contribute with suggestions.
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Directors, who have made at least two good movies in their career, and who seems very competent in what they do, within the genre(s) they usually are dealing with. At least in my opinion, people don't have to agree.
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I love movies with interesting stories, good manuscripts, excellent actor performances, and if they can provide a really good plot/twist in the end, it is a major plus.