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Storm (2001)
A fascinating film that is brilliantly well done., 19 July 2006

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I found this film on, and at first thought it would be another low budget, poorly done World War 2 movie made by 2 high school kids, because almost all the other WW2 films on youtube are, but after watching the first 10 seconds I knew I was wrong. Dead wrong.

It is so well done, and is entirely serious (until the end anyway) and I was absorbed into the film.

Nearly everything is accurate (the story isn't, but the props, uniforms and vehicles are) and the acting is great. I wish more films were like this.

A must see.

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A good show, that should be shown more., 28 June 2006

I have only seen a few episodes of SHOOTOUT and I don't know if there are very many episodes anyway, but the point is, it's a good show, and the History Channel should have it on more often and have more new episodes.

This show is good because it has a mix of real footage, interviews with the veterans, rejectors, and digital layouts to get an idea of the location the soldiers are in.

Having rejectors for most of the show helps, because not every event of WWII was filmed, and it helps out greatly to get a better idea of what was going on.

I hope the History Channel will start to show this show more often, and have more episodes.

King Kong (2005)
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One of the best movies of the year., 23 December 2005

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I have never seen the original 1933 King Kong, so I don't know how close this King Kong is to the original. Still, this film is incredible.

Jack Black's character "Carl Denim" was great. When people are getting thrown around by Kong he is sitting down filming the whole thing, and when everyone is under a huge dinosaur stampede he won't let go of the camera, and it's not until his camera breaks that he realizes that they're in danger.

I loved the feel of the movie. The beginning was great, and really had the 1930's New York feel to it. I am so glad the film takes place in 1933, and not modern times. If this film took place in modern times, it would have been ruined, but luckily it takes place in the 30's.

The soundtrack is wonderful. I love the music in the film.

The CGI and green screen work and all that is also very good. There are a few spots where you can see some areas that are a little rough and are obviously green screened, but it is still excellent.

I don't know why people think it is way too long. The film is long, but it never drags in spots, and almost every minute of the film is important to the story.

This is one of the best films of the year, and is one of my all time favorites. Don't wait for it to come out on DVD. This is a film that has to be seen in the theaters to be fully enjoyed.

A Good movie, 3 August 2005

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Wow. This movie is great. I love the end! This is an excellent movie with a very original plot line. One of Jim Carrey's best films.

Truman thinks he lives a normal life but discovers that his entire life has just been a TV show. Nothing is real. He starts to discover all sorts of different things that are not...normal. He begins to wonder why his wife describes different food products in detail and how they are better than others.

I am not going to say much more, except that this is a must see movie and in case I don't see ya...

Good afternoon, good evening, and goodnight!

Jaws (1975)
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Excellent, 2 August 2005

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I loved this film. After catching bit's and pieces of it on the TV, I finally rented it on DVD and watched it all the way through.

It is very good. The best part is actually the music. John Williams composes an unbelievable score (like all the other songs he has composed). The music is simply amazing and one of my favorite soundtracks.

I like the characters. You have a rough veteran of the sea who has seen his share of death, an ocean scientists (I can't remember the correct term for that occupation), and a police chief who hates the water.

The movie is excellent and a must see. Spielberg is a brilliant director.

Probably my all time favorite film, 1 August 2005

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I love Raider's of the Lost Ark, and all the other Indy movies. This movie has everything. A daring adventurer, swashbuckling, the ultimate bad guys, some of the best fight scenes ever made, and most important: A good story.

The film never leaves you dragging. It has excellent characters and memorable scenes.

Especially when Indy comes face to face with a swordsman. You think that Indy is going to bring out his whip and have an incredible fight scene with this master swordsman. Masses of people crowd around the two waiting for something to happen. Indy has a face showing that he doesn't have time for this, so he casually takes out his revolver and shoots the swordsman.

An excellent movie.

Duel (1971) (TV)
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A good film, 1 August 2005

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My friend let me borrow the DVD for this movie. I put off watching it for a couple days, but I finally watched it, and I really enjoyed it.

This is an excellent film. It has one of the most interesting movie monsters ever. I like the fact that the main character is an ordinary guy. He is the last type of person you would expect to have his life be threatened by a crazy truck driver. And as you watch the movie, it isn't really the guy driving the truck that's the monster. You soon forget about the man inside the truck. The truck becomes a monster. It's like the truck itself is after David Mann. And also, the truck is only after this one guy. The truck (well I guess technically the driver) doesn't really bother anyone else. He even helps push a stuck school bus back on to the road. But why is he after this one guy?

I did think that the beginning part was a little too long. I think they strapped a camera to the front of a car and filmed while the car was in motion. I clever idea to start the movie but I think that part lasted a little too long.

A very good film.