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All for Three (2017)
So funny
12 February 2017
As a comedy is only be natural is funny, and sure this was funny.

Ralf and Timo again has criminal plan of doubt quality and media core execution.

the series follow "Alle for en" and "Alle for to" and does it well.

It includes a new unknown to the family, Kim, who lives in Italy.

I watched it in Cinema, so funny.

The only thing that could make a slight better, was more to the original trio, not much with Jonathan Spang.

All in all, a comedy worth watching.

So if you have time go watch it.
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Violetta (2012– )
Really bad dubbing
3 July 2015
This must be a joke. The really bad English dubbing, where many voices does not match the characters, but the worst it, the really really awful job of lip syncing, there isn't no synchronizing, a new low for Disney Channel wouldn't and does not match the usual quality to put this on their channel.

Maybe if the voices matched the mouths I might be able to watch it, maybe even enjoy it but as it is now it's so awful I can't bare to watch it! Disney Channel should really taking this down and forgetting it ever existed..

Don't watch it, absolutely terrible!!
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The Child (2012)
Great Movie
17 May 2015
This was a great movie.

The actors are good and the characters are interesting enough to be invested over, the whole idea reincarnation added a new side to a movie of this genre I have not seen before.

The whole idea of Simon Sachs remembering is good, and the contrast with Robert Stern not believing it functioned well.

The direction and acting was good and I liked the style of the movie.

I liked the ending as well.

So I give this movie a 9 of 10 as was excellent good (not excellent excellent)
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Last Stand at Saber River (1997 TV Movie)
Boring movie
11 September 2013
Except for 127 hour this is the most boring movie I ever have seen.

At first it looks quite interesting, but then it go down of a bad slope.

Nothing really happened, the go home to the state and conversation with on another. Then shot some.

At no time I have sympathy with the main character Cable, I will no have felt sorry if Cable has died.

If you can't sleep, then this title can be fine to fall in sleep with. If you want entertainment, go look another tittle, there such much other great movies and great western you can see.
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14 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I think the twist in the story about the lovers is a great try, but for me is the twist is just not working. The director and actor do not manage to pull it off. The character changes is not believable, the do not use sufficient time to pull down the first character to manage to pull off the twist and the new characters. Maybe more time after the twist could help make it believable and more depth thoughts on the planing. The acting is self was good, but the twist does not come through believable. I give the movie 6 of 10 stars, it could have been a great story and it is good try, but it just do not succeed pulling of the twist.
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Not worth watching
5 August 2012
It has nothing to do with Child play, yes there is a doll name Chucky, but has not same to is as the previous.

It is not an horror movie, is just so ridiculous, but not ridiculous as in funny. Just a plain dumb movie, not worth watching.

I was almost stopping the movie at 36 minutes in, but watching the movie finish does not made it better.

I see my self of fan of the Chucky series, but I do not like this fifth movie in the series.

You could easily skip this movie, go re watch one of the previous instead, even the four which also movie a bit way from the horror genre to comedy genre work much better than this one.
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Bad movie, not funny
22 April 2009
I have seen Are We There Yet? which has a good flow, and was funny, which did not was, in the whole movie, i laughed ónce, the intro text was more funny than the whole movie.

There where too many stupid characters, and too many comic of falling ting, which were to predicting.

And Chuck? He don't seems to fit in the plot, also there were to many thing there need to be repaired, and chuck seem to cheater, to be villain, an crock, but there seem to be no, no at all refunding or whatever to reestablish fairness.

This movie was almost all predictable slapstick jokes, sow was there annoying laughing by family members, and chuck which makes the whole movie annoying.

This movies should never have been made.
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Tempelriddernes skat is about four children, which becomes where interesting in an old stories and myth
29 January 2006
Tempelriddernes skat is a really good movie, i like i because is tell a good story which has base in myth and facts. Also the actors play well. And all trough it's a adventure it also have a bit of fun.

Tempelriddernes skat is about tree friends, Katrine, Nis and Matias which becomes very interesting in an old stories and myth, when they have conformed some true in the myth, the go home to Nis, and made plans, but Nis little sister hears to much and want's to be in, so they decide that they all will be going out in dangerous adventure to search for a very old treasure which has been described in the myth. Tempelriddernes treasure.
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Round the Twist (1989–2001)
The series about the Twist there is living in a light house in port Nirada, is one of the best TV-series made ever
9 October 2005
The series about the Twist there is lining in a light house in port Nirada, is one of the best TV-series made ever.

In the the TV-series we follow the twist families which is living in a light house, the twist family is Tony, the to (orgringal: thirteen) years old twins Linda and Pete and Nine year old Bronson.

I really Like this series.

The story and the figures is good. I like the idea of the little book there goes again in every episode.

All the actors do it very very very good.

The figure i like most is Bronson and Mathew Waters do it very very very good as Bronson.
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