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War Horse (2011)
Would be enjoyable if you were high or stupid.
13 April 2012
I love a good horse movie - National Velvet is a wonderful film that remains timeless... This is no National Velvet. This is a predictable piece of crap. Having said that, it is also highly unbelievable, and usually I'm happy to suspend my disbelief for a couple of hours, but this is just too much.

The music is so overdone that it's annoying. Music should help create mood and emotion without being noticeable. This music is overbearing and completely lacking in subtlety.

Great cast, which makes me sad. I think Benedict Cumberbatch is a fantastic actor. Emily Watson has done some amazing work. Did they not read the script before they signed on?

Take my advice; if you are forced to sit through this with your children; have a few drinks first.
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The Client List (2012–2013)
Fire the writers of this tripe.
11 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I love Jennifer Love Hewitt. I think she's great. How has she sunk so low???

This show has the bones of what could be a good idea. It could've been a fun show, but instead they've given us this drivel.

I think aside from the truly terrible, terrible writing; one of the biggest problems that I have with this show is how unbelievably unbelievable it is. I mean, every guy she sees is chiseled and attractive? Except for the one married guy who isn't getting any at home. Aw, boohoo. Sure, I'm willing to believe one, maybe two chiseled hot guys. But pray tell, where are the old wrinkly guys? Where are the heavy bordering on obese guys?

Avoid. Unless you want a laugh. Or feel like yelling at the telly.
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Submarine (2010)
Best British coming-of-age movie
2 August 2011
This is a piece of genius.

I saw Richard Ayoade's name as the Writer/Director of this film, and being a huge fan of his work from shows The IT Crowd and The Mighty Boosh, I had to take a look.

It perfectly captures that age when you are exceedingly awkward and odd, and feel like you are the only person going through it. If you never felt like the odd-one-out as a teen - even if just for a brief period - then you may not completely get this film.

The direction is wonderful, the writing is sublime, and the actors are perfect for their respective parts. Craig Roberts as the lead; Oliver; is a revelation. His face had the power to make me scream with laughter or recoil in horror (while still screaming with laughter) and it's clear he'll go on to do great things. I have always had a place in my heart for Noah Taylor, and he exceeded my expectations here. His delivery is spot-on.

I can't think of enough adjectives to describe how truly wonderful this movie is. Everyone must see it.
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