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Simple, Hilarious, and Fun, 24 February 2007

A great pick-up on the Swing dance craze of the late 1930s. This simple, short musical comedy was a delightful surprise to find. It was available as a "Special Feature" on my DVD copy of "Swing Time".

The premise of this, as with many musicals, is secondary to the music. Here is the premise: a group of theater performers have lost their work and can't pay their hotel bill. They offer to take responsibility for the hotel for 90 days in exchange for their back rent. They plan to change things at the hotel by adding a "Swing" tone to the service and entertainment. Watch it till the end for the delightfully hilarious ending.

From beginning to end of this short were numerous whimsical numbers by the ensemble cast. I especially enjoyed the male trio who performed two numbers, one as famous detectives, and one as hotel kitchen chefs. The "Holiday in Hades" number was an interesting surprise for films of this era.