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2012 Doomsday (2008) (V)
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Not a mega disaster film and not trying to be one, 12 February 2008

I see all the comments about how bad this movie was. I thought it was an OK film. Sure it is not a big budget disaster movie and I do not believe they were trying to make one.

I feel this one was made to be shown in churches or other like minded places.

The movie had a message that was lost on most that rented this one. It is what it is. A good clean spiritual end of the world picture, that you would not mind if youngsters watched.

So all in all I liked the movie and would indeed recommend it to my friends.

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Check out the 1956 version....this one is a real let down, 11 April 2006

I had high hopes for this movie I even gave up a night of watching Stargate for this movie. I found it had a rushed feel about it and a lot of the key biblical moments and facts were missing. I might be a bit jaded and spoiled for the 1956 version, as I have watched that one every year for the last 20 or so years. I doubt this one will make it to the realm of yearly classic, as the other one has. If you have not seen the 19546 version, you might like this one but, I seriously doubt it and urge you to skip this one and go rent or buy the classic one. This has some nifty special effects but that is not what I look for when telling a movie like the Ten Commandments. I was kind of looking to see how they told the story, and the writers did not do a good job with this one.