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Hi There
I have always loved "Genre" movies, horror, SF, fantasy, and i've seen a lotttt of them over the years.
Well here are few science fiction movies that i consider lost ...well if not classics then certainly well worth a watch, there are some old, some new some foreign and some that many would not consider SF at all, but it's my own list and my own peculiar choices, i hope that you will find something that tickles your interest enough that you will find the time to give them a viewing trust me they are worth it....well without further ado here we go, in no particular order kicking off with....

PS...If anyone vaguely connected with the film industry ever reads this can we please please PLEASE have a version of Roadside Picnic hands down the greatest SF novella of all.
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Here's my take on some of the outstanding horror movies that have made my flesh crawl.
I have gone for unsettling rather than downright gory, i prefer my imagination to fill in the blanks, having said that i dont mind a gallon of claret every now and again, there are some obscurities here from all eras and doubtless some you would not consider horror flicks at all, but what the hell it's my own, personal list so my own prejudices show, for instance not too many asian horror flicks as i just don't find them scary, and a few...well off kilter shall we say well enjoy and i hope you find something you haven't heard of before cheers Skin

PS...There were a couple of REAL obscurities that even IMDB didn't have listed, a special mention should go out to Heartbeat In The Brain (date unknown) and Niku daruma 1998 both are INCREDIBLY difficult to track down and i have seen each only once, i can't really recommend them as such as they aren't really movies as most people would understand the term, however they both left quite an impression and if you want to push your boundaries then they certainly do that. I also hear persistent rumours that Genesis p orrdige and cossi fanni tutti's performance piece "Cease To Exist" performed at LAICA in the US in 1976 was filmed, has anyone ever seen this, from the written description i don't think you would forget it in a hurry.