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My challenge this year (2017) is to watch all of the highest rates movies on IMDB. If I have seen one, I will have to supplement another highly rated movie (for example, #120 or #200, etc.) This is my list of 100 I haven't seen thus far.
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Best male and female performances in film of the 21st century so far
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A pretty good decade
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Some years have been better than others...
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My ideal choices for the main characters in Larissa Ione's Demonica series
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The cliche romantic comedies about a sweet, go-getting girl with the perfect job, the perfect apartment, and the perfect friends who's just missing "true love"
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The actors I love watching on the big or small screen.
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The very, very sexy
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Of all time...
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The women I enjoy watching on screen most.
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IMHO, no order
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A list of some of the most memorable good and bad female roles in film.
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The films that are so awful, they're fabulous.
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a list of 35 characters
IMHO, the best heroes in film.
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100 sexiest actors working currently or who have been working mostly in the 21st century.
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The best performances in film since 1980.
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The most wonderfully done and masterfully constructed historical films.
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The couples on TV and film with the best and sexiest chemistry.
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From the patriotic to the jingoistic, these movies have all the right American moves: the music, the actors, the inspiration, and the action.
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These films were not but should have been nominated for Best Picture.
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Films that were nominated (and perhaps might have won) but were not deserving of the accolade.
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These are the kind of men you would picture as the sexy alpha heroes in those guilty pleasure favorites: romance novels.
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The films that emotionally pack the most punch and challenge the deep virtues, beliefs, and fears we hold.
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The very best films I have ever watched and I've seen a lot.
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The movies that define the current generation in terms of taste, style, values, and culture.
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In my opinion, the best female roles to have received Oscar nominations in the last 24 years.
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Some of, in my opinion, the most underrated beauties or attractive women in Hollywood; women who were and are often passed over for leading roles but are just as beautiful and talented (if not more) than some of the big names.
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These movies may not all have the most realistic plots (they are movies after all) but they have the most realistic dialogue, characters, chemistry, and people.
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A list of the actors I would want to play in my ideal adaptations of famous fairy tales.
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I like some of these movies, but I'm just going to be honest if I think they are really overrated, or underrated.
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My favorite movie and tv couples. No particular order.
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The sexiest fictional men I'd like to be locked in a closet with... ;)
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A list of what I consider to be the best film heroines.
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A list of what I consider to be my favorite, and in my opinion, some of the best film performances.
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What I consider to be the most sexy performances in film...
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The movies that get the waterworks going...
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In my opinion, some of the sexiest movies of all time.
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70 of the sexiest men of the past twenty-five years. Some are in their prime right now and some have long since grown old and ugly, but they were smoking once. No particular order
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50 of what are in my opinion, the most beautiful actresses, any of whom I would not mind to look like. No particular order