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Vacation (2015/I)
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Bathroom humor abounds., 31 July 2015

Here's a movie that casts aside even the pretense of sophistication in favor of bathroom humor. Bathroom humor abounds. Subtle nuances are set aside as the Griswolds, and their friends, wallow in the muck, and generate ongoing laughs. Rusty Griswold is a raunchier version of Clark. Rusty is more than just a doofus, he is the personification of stupidity itself. Rusty is arguably the most stupid movie character in recent movie history. He's up there with Stan Laurel. Lou Costello and Curly Howard. Everything about Rusty exudes a naivety that goes way beyond mere ignorance. He has a stupid streak that even his eight year son can't miss. Everyone knows that Rusty is stupid, everyone, of course, except Rusty. The other extremely amusing character is Rusty's oldest son, who is effeminate. The father-son relationship here is hilarious. Rusty is completely oblivious to his son's sexual identity issues, producing comic situations. It's not that Rusty is inherently mean, rather, he's just too dense to know any better. Remember: he's a Griswold.

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Schwarzenegger is back., 26 July 2015

This movie is all about the guardian played by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold makes this movie happen. He makes this movie work. He carries the movie. Without Arnold this movie is still an excellent sci-fi story but with Arnold the movie becomes sublime. In this movie Mr. S proves that he is one of the great comic actors. He does an excellent deadpan. He repeatedly provokes laughter, and brings a warmth to his role that humanizes his character, which is not human. By doing so, he succeeds in making the plot work. The plot is dependent on believing that The Guardian is more than just a machine, that Sarah Connor's relationship with the Guardian is legitimate and not contrived. Jason Clarke is excellent too as a hero turned traitor who has been transformed into a monster masquerading as a human. The war between the humans and machines serves as an excellent backdrop to a story that contains many twists and turns which help maintain a level of intensity that makes the movie a most worthy addition to the Terminator series.

Southpaw (2015)
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It is impossible not to like this movie., 25 July 2015

It is impossible not to like this movie. This movie is arguably the best boxing movie in decades. It far surpasses other recent boxing movies in intensity, drama, and content. Jake Gyllenhal's performance is not only phenomenal, it is uncanny. He really looks and acts the part he is playing. He brings a believability and grittiness to the role which makes this movie great. The movie's greatness lies not in the plot, which is predicable, but in the sheer intensity of the acting. In other word, this movie is actor driven, and in this case, the cast does not disappoint. There's no need to rehash the story. Go watch the movie instead. You won't be disappointed.

Ted 2 (2015)
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This movie is terrifically funny., 6 July 2015

This movie is terrifically funny. It provokes laughter from start to finish. It is virtually impossible not to like the character Ted - A teddy bear that wants to be treated like a human. Simple ideas make for great stories as this movie proves. Mark Wahlberg is the straight man and shows that he is one of the great comic actors. What is more remarkable is that the story is actually a court room drama, but involving characters that are so ridiculously lovable as to transform the story into a spoof, which works as comedy. Everything Ted says is funny and on point. There is an edge to the humor, which makes it even funnier. Just because Ted is a toy doesn't mean he lacks feelings. Ted is whatever we want him to be.

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A great movie., 6 July 2015

This is a great movie. Channing Tatum and Jada Pickett Smith should win Academy Awards for the performances, which were electrifying. The story has an intensity that draws the audience into the action. The guys are not clowns, they are highly talented and intensely dedicated artists who specialize in a form of choreography that few can perform, even poorly. The story has a serious and upbeat theme - that one must be true to himself. These guys are not merely exhibitionists; they are artists who practice a form of choreography that requires a high level of skill and training. Their art has a universal message - that you are beautiful and special. What an upbeat message! Pinkett Smith's performance as the emcee is incomparable. Tatum's performance in the title role once again proves that he is one of the premier actors in cinema today. The rest the cast is wonderful. Kevin Nash gives a performance that is subdued and powerful. Each character has a story and each story adds to the strength of the plot which makes this movie great.

Entourage (2015)
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Immensely funny movie., 22 June 2015

This movie is hilarious. The action and laughs are nonstop. Jeremy Piven should be nominated for Best Actor in a Comedy Role. His performance was stupendous. Every scene he is in provoked immediate and sustained laughter. In this movie, he plays the complete buffoon - arrogant, self-centered, obnoxious, pushy, outrageous, pretentious, flamboyant and above all funny. His is a character one cannot help but laugh at. The confrontation with the studio head and the marriage counseling scenes have to be included with the funniest comic scenes in movie history. Also equally entertaining are Kevin Dillon and Haley Joel Osment whose buffoonery is magnificently funny. The rest of cast is outstanding too. As a comedy this movie thoroughly succeeds. It is engaging and entertaining.

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A great science fiction movie, a take off on the Frankenstein story. Total mayhem on the screen., 15 June 2015

This movie is about what happens when people dabble in areas of research that are best to be left alone. It is about what happens when military and business interests conspire to engage in projects without any outside controls. It is about what happens when people become smug and complacent to the point of recklessness. It is about what happens when science is perverted for the sake of profit. It is about what happens when caution is tossed into the wind. It is about what happens when nature is violated. It is about what happens when freaks of nature are produced for all the worst reasons. It is about what happens when the scientist loses his moral compass. It is about the arrogance of man. It is about the consequences of unrestrained materialism. This movie contains all the elements of a great science fiction movie. First, it has an excellent and highly inventive story. The idea of dinosaurs working with humans is engaging. Its rationale as explained in the movie is not beyond the realm of plausibility. Second, the special effects are spectacular. The movie contains numerous scenes depicting many different species of dinosaurs, some friendly, some lethal. Third, the dinosaurs are not demonized. Instead, they are portrayed as creatures who are being manipulated. Fourth, the story includes good guys and bad guys. Fifth, the action is nonstop. The principle characters are literally running throughout the movie. Sixth, the script includes many clever and corny lines that evoke laughter. Seventh, the movie dramatizes what happens when safety is sacrificed for profit. The cast is excellent. Vincent D'Onfrio is especially strong as the head of park security who is actually a front for something much larger with far more serious political implications. But the biggest star is the special effects which in this case were entirely necessary and in no way gratuitous. For this movie to succeed as a drama, it has to be able to convey the degree of havoc caused by the irresponsible conduct of those who should have known better yet sacrificed the public good to selfishly satisfy their own personal needs. One other point: This movie succeeds in drawing from other great science fiction movies, like Predator, Frankenstein and Jurassic Park to produce an original, unique and powerful dramatic story.

Excellent court room drama., 15 June 2015

This is an excellent court room drama that is set in the military. Here a lawyer is the hero. He puts his career and life and on the line to find the truth. The movie does an excellent job of exposing the hypocrisy of a corrupt organization that will do anything to cover up its criminal behavior. Jack Nicholson gives a classic rendition of a arrogant and pompous military martinet. His abuse of authority is equaled only by the brazen manner in which he conducts himself. The movie does contain certain technical flaws regarding the depiction of the military, such as the condensing of the chain of command, but they in no way detract from the dramatic power of the story. Lieutenant Kaffee has certain choices to make: take the expedient route and thereby save his career and sacrifice the lives of his clients who are the tools of a corrupt colonel, or confront the colonel knowing that to do so may mean the end of his career.

The knight as sports hero., 14 June 2015

This is a wonderful movie. The mixing of 1970s music with a story set in the middle ages works. It is also a clever cinematic device. The story is excellent. The characters are interesting and their interactions interesting and dramatic. Heath Ledger is excellent as the peasant who wants to be a knight. Paul Bethany is the show stealer however. His rendition of Chaucer is the best performance in the movie. The rest of the cast is engaging as well. There are heroes and villains. The movie also dramatizes a martial art that in its day was one of the major sources of public entertainment. The movie suggests that the concept of the sports hero is neither new or unique to present times. In this respect the story has plausibility. For there was a time that games like baseball, football, etc. did not exist. So the concept of sports competition took other forms, in contests that today would be condemned as cruel, but then were considered acceptable. Then again, is two men charging at each other at full speed with lances any different then two groups of men going into each other to gain control of a ball?

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This is the disaster movie of disaster movies., 10 June 2015

This is a great movie. It shows an entire city not only being hit by the biggest and strongest earthquake in history but then hit by a three hundred foot high tsunami that finishes the job. This is the disaster movie of disaster movies. No need for a strong story here. The special effects provides more than enough drama. The actual characters in the movie are ancillary to the story. It's about nature going wild, and on a scale that is beyond measuring. At the conclusion of the movie, San Francisco is a mess. Paul Giamatti is fantastic, and also quite amusing, as the scientist who predicts that the earthquake will strike - and nobody believes him until it is too late. By that time, the Hoover Dam is history and the rest of California is next in line. LA also gets hit, hard, but the director saves the best special effects for San Francisco. If you like movies that show total devastation, then this movie is for you. This movie delivers the goods!

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