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Entertaining and Balanced Movie, 7 February 2016

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(Spoilers) I wholly disagree with the couple of reviews above. The movie portrayed the Mongols as civilised, intelligent, insightful and ultimately outsmarting all the others portrayed, by securing the safety of the US forces. They spoke their own language amongst themselves and were only shown using monosyllabic English when communicating with the Americans. Exactly what you would expect from people whose knowledge of English was very limited. OK, this not the best movie ever made, but shot in Technicolor and mostly on location, it is worth a view for that alone. As for being "triumphalist", that is just not the case. How does being saved by the Mongols come across as triumphalist? The Japanese were, if anything, portrayed as far more humane then their actual behaviour in WW2. As for the plot, it was based on true events. Any attempt to jazz it up for entertainment's sake would have been wrong.

Why so much hate?, 29 December 2013

Maybe it is because Will Smith used his massive influence in Hollywood to get his kid into a big budget movie and people resent the kid getting a free boost into the big time? Maybe it's because it is simply that the principal player is a kid?

Jaden Smith's acting was no worse than Arnie's or Seagal's in numerous movies.

I liked the story concept, the CGI, the scenery etc. so I give it a seven.

If anything, the ending was a little sudden leaving me feeling somewhat short changed.

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This could have been good with a bit more thought, 8 December 2013

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SPOILERS. - OK, how does a hostile C130 get right over DC before being intercepted? Why were the intercepting fighter jets lined up exactly where the C130s Gatling guns were pointed? Why would the most technologically advanced nation on Earth design a missile abort system which would cause the missiles to detonate their nuclear warheads whilst still in the silos? Why did the president swear never to reveal the Cerberus code and then appear to have just handed it over? Etc. etc. etc.

Come on guys. A bit more time spent on the plot line and you would have had a great movie. As it stands, I can't bring myself to give it more than a four out of ten.

Total Recall (2012/I)
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More Hollywood anti English tosh. Spoilers., 30 December 2012

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Here we go again. The nasty English baddies are being horrible to the nicey nicey colonials. Even worse, they have created a false pretext for invading said nicey nicey colony and it is up to Colin Farrell to stop the nasty English.

If you want some good examples of false pretexts for invasion, just think of the 1812 US invasion of Canada (which failed), the 1989 US invasion of Panama and the biggest one of all the 2003 US invasion of Iraq. Remember "weapons of mass destruction" anybody? OK, the British (who are always English in Hollywood) have behaved very badly in the past, and I should know this being Irish, but FFS, enough!

Apart from that, all that remains is a big budget CGI fest, humourless thrash through futuristic megascapes with bullets flying everywhere. The original Arnie version may be looking very dated nowadays, but it is way more enjoyable.

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I would love to see it again!, 23 January 2007

Almost nobody remembers this programme but I thought it was great as a kid. The characters I remember most are the Fastidious Fish who walked around using stilts held outside his fishbowl (complete with spat shoes on the end) and the Scoobious Snake who sported a straw hat and a cane. I was already familiar with the poems of Edward Lear such as the Owl & the Pussycat, the Pobble Without Any Toes etc. etc. so it was good to see them set to cartoon sketches.

At least there are a few people who remember. Now I need to find something for the cartoon "Arthur the King of Camelot" which was in some ways similar and which nobody seems to remember either! "Arthur, the King of Camelot, He's a Ring A Ding A Ding of a King"

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A gem, 8 June 2006

"Chance in a Million" was a gem and it is sad that it has never been repeated.Tom Chance (Simon Callow) accepted the twists fate threw at him with unflinching cheerfulness and it was a pleasure trying to anticipate what could go wrong next.

His long suffering fiancé Alison (Brenda Blethyn) always meekly hoped for the best, enduring the most ludicrous of mishaps.

I often wondered if it wasn't rerun because its principal actors went on to greater things and having joined the ranks of "luvvies" they didn't want reminders of where they started from.

If true, this would be a shame because it was an excellent series.