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I love this show., 30 September 2011

Adventure time is a strange animal. It's on cartoon network. Not adult swim; but on during the regular hours. The shows target audience is children. But nonetheless, this show is the best cartoon I've ever seen. I saw the pilot a couple years back and finally saw the show and i was blown away.

Adventure Time does not teach lessons per se. It starts off supposedly trying to teach you something, but instead saysscrew it and veers off into AWESOME. Its random, hilarious, and perfect. The characters are messed up in the best way possible. If any lesson can be taken from this show it's that nobody is perfect; everyone has their flaws. Everyone messes up, a lot. Everyone makes mistakes. Even though Finn is the only human in the show, everyone in the show makes human mistakes. It doesn't matter who or what you are, you're still going to mess up. But no matter what flaws you may have or how much you screw up, at the end of the day your friends will be there for you; especially when you're there for your friends.

If your friend is in trouble, destroy the problem with sword, song, reason, or love. I'd recommend this show for humans 1-200.