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Not Perfect...But Delightful, 4 August 2006

Though the premise was somewhat limited, this show itself was enjoyable because of the colorful cast of characters. The contrast and variety of Denise Nicholas playing an uptight ex- wife, Demond Wilson playing a desperate man, Kim Fields as a sassy but very cute little girl (before Facts of Life!), and Helen Martin as a sharp-tongued grandmother, made for lots of fun. The verbal battles between Wilson and Martin's characters were especially enjoyable to watch. Also, Tony Holmes was a unique child actor - and I wish he had gone on to do more. The writing and plots weren't the greatest, but the cast's delivery made them work -- and when watching these episodes nowadays, I am easily reminded of a time when TV was much more innocent and unaffected.

Team-Mates (1978)
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Whoa!, 7 March 2006

I must admit, before seeing this flick, I had never seen a movie where the producers left in multiple messed-up lines! Yes, it's happens at least four times in this here movie! Dialogue where the actors very clearly mess up, and then correct, their lines. I guess they were really pressed for a deadline?

I found this movie recently on VHS. I purchased it mainly because of the fact that Estelle Getty is in it. While it was neat to see her in something from this time period, the small role that she had as a teacher was not very well written and didn't provide her with much room to showcase her talent.

The premise of the story is a good one, but the way the plot unfolds is inconsistent and unconvincing. And a lot of the acting is very weak. Thus, I would ONLY recommend this if you have a penchant for bad movies and getting a laugh out of how bad they are (I do, and that's part of why I give this movie even three stars -- in addition to the fact that Estelle Getty is in it!).

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Classic!, 21 February 2006

This was a unique show! I am glad that I taped some of the episodes back when it was on. Notably, Lisa Kudrow appeared in a number of sketches playing various characters!

The premise was that two critics were reviewing new and upcoming TV shows. Most of these were parodies of actual shows or other celebrity-oriented materials. My favorite segment was one called "Inside Debbie Dibson's Bedroom," a hilarious parody of 'teen queen" Debbie Gibson (who, by the way, I really like!). There were also parodies of game shows, aging stars trying to make comebacks, 60's reunion concerts, et al. There were also many mystery-laden sequences which were intentionally very hokey; and there were behind-the-scenes type vignettes, ranging from a couple who travels in a camper and never leaves it, to "interviews" with the "stars" of the parodied shows.