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A masterclass in acting, 24 November 2007

This movie portrays a TV actor who wants a very good theater role and a theater actor who have played the role for years.Nothing to do with Sleuth , as some reviewer say. The theme is absolutely different . The best thing in this movie is the acting .Here we got Paco Rabal , the Spanish legendary actor , in front of Federico Luppi , the Argentinian legendary actor .Both of them are as good in theater as they are in cinema.This is a modest movie , no great budget but these 2 actors make it all worthy . The movie is complex and in a certain way there is criticism(positive and negative) to some of the aspects of the art of acting . If you want to see 2 great actors at work, rent this.

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24, a quality show, 18 November 2007

One of the interesting aspects of 24 is the action mixed with outstanding performances by the actors .I won't spoil anything about the plot but the performances in this episode by Mccrane, Sutherland and Cromwell and all the cast are really great.I have been following the series by DVD cause I live in Spain but this episode surprised me even being a loyal follower of the previous seasons of the show. Some of the strong points of the show are the acting and the writing. In my opinion they take risk too and that keep the show alive up to this 6th season .The character of Jack Bauer is very complex and with several dimensions, for the good of these TV series.

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This is an excellent movie, 13 August 2007

The last chapter of Rocky Balboa in film is an excellent movie .The screenplay presents characters of flesh and blood and the situations are believable. Actually I watch the the movie on DVD and I love it. This movie went straight to number 1 in the Spain box office .A total smash hit in the country and I think that it is deserved. Stallone have made a movie with soul and have fine scenes as an actor and the cast is very well made .One thing that I like in this movie is that it is coherent , the screenplay is intelligent and the scenes flow with logic. This movie truly recaptures the spirit of the first Rocky and it's a great final chapter to the series.

Marci X (2003)
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The rappers are hilarious, 7 August 2007

Damon Wayans and the rest of afro-American actors that play the rappers in this movie are great ,I mean they are hilarious (and I'm writing from Canary Islands, Spain).I would love a movie that treat these characters by themselves, cause they are excellent. I prefer Dr. S songs than Marci's song . The movie is not the worst movie ever made despite what some other reviewers say ( I've seen worst movies, much much worst.Some action movies... ) , it's a comedy that have some nice moments (specially in the music numbers and some scenes)and some weak moments too. . Christine Baranski is brilliant in her role as a USA senator , she does a very good performance .

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A good movie, 4 August 2007

I don't agree with some reviews here . Really this is a movie with an original screenplay that keep suspense throughout all the movie , something that so many Hollywood movies don't achieve even if they try . The music soundtrack is excellent, by Spanish composer Roque Baños, and Timothy Hutton does a fantastic job in this film. This is a good genre film and as that it fully achieves its goals. David Kelly does a fantastic job too in his role . The director is Daniel Monzón , previously a movie critic for Fotogramas magazine and this is his 3rd movie as a director . In resume , this movie don't pretend to be nothing but a genre movie. And as that it succeeds.

Crank (2006)
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This is a great action movie, 2 August 2007

This is like a roller coaster of a movie . It's fast paced , have a lot of surprises , it's not a politically correct movie . The movie received 3 stars from the movie critic in the Spain's movie magazine Fotogramas. I think that is a fair review, this movie is good and avoid many of the common places in action movies and in many cases go against it .Some of the dialog you hear here you've never heard it in another movie , cause the situations are so unique .Jason Stantham is amazing in the lead character , even giving some comedy moments .This movie don't deserve a direct to video release , but even if in some countries are released direct to video , go and watch it.

7 Seconds (2005) (V)
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The movie is so bad it's good,, 2 August 2007

The script is full of common places and absurd dialog .I find myself laughing my head off with some dialog that was supposed to be serious . The 2 leads are alright but some of the supporting actors perform like "Look , I'm in a Wesley Snipes movie ". I think that Wesley Snipes really enjoy acting in these kind of movies and I like some of them but it's about time that he goes for a more dramatic role cause I consider him a very fine and excellent actor and some of his previous movies show. Still I have watch some action movies that are worst than this one . I think that the direct to video release is fair in this case , the movie is not that good .I will look for his movie Chaos then with Jason Stantham.

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An excellent film, 27 July 2007

This movie is very well directed by Isabel Coixet . There are amazing performances by Tim Robbins and Sarah Polley(what unforgettable characters!) with a ring of true life in the dialog and situations.This movie build up slowly but when the end arrives you are deeply affected by the story of these two human beings .Coixet , who writes and is director of the movie, is an amazing screenwriter who offers very good observations about human nature .I was surprised by this movie , cause at first I was not very enthusiastic about this film but at the end I find myself deeply moved .I think that "Mystic River" and this film are 2 of the greatest performances by Robbins . If you can ,watch this movie.

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It's Altman folks and this is one of his worst movies, 27 July 2007

I like Altman 's movies "the player""Short cuts " "Gosford park" , etc. But I watched this movie in his premiere in Spain ages ago and it was a comedy( so the promotion said) , so the movie poster said and a comedy for intelligent people bla bla bla This movie is not funny at all , the dialog have no spark , you don't care about the characters at all and I remember I did not laugh in all the movie . If you ever go to a comedy and did not laugh at all you will understand what I'm talking about. It's like torture . Altman is an amazing director, he is capable of making great movies like "The Player " or incredible flops like this one .

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An unpolitical correct movie, 27 July 2007

This movie is very dynamic and exciting. The dialog have logic and it's not certainly for a comedy of manners , there is very strong language here but it's the way of speaking that anybody will use in such situations in real life(I guess). The cast have amazing performances and some difficult scenes to cope with , but after all you find their performances believable .Paul Walker,Cameron Bright and Vera Farmiga are excellent in the lead roles.The movie is never boring , it got you hooked until the last minute and it's full of suspense. I like the unpolitical correct point of view of this movie that make the film fresh and fun . Still I find the movie moderate compared to the unpolitical correct point of view of some European films. Surely one of the best movies in the action or thriller genres of the last 5 years .

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