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The Heat (2013/I)
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Worst movie I've seen, 1st movie didn't watch till the end., 19 May 2014

I don't watch TV anymore, cancelled my cable years ago to save a bundle so I'm not "up" on what passes for comedy these days. But if this movie is any example, comedy has seriously taken a rather big fall.

I love to give movies a fair chance so even if they're bad, I always try to watch the whole thing, just in case they redeem themselves with a good ending at least. The Heat is the first movie I stopped watching after about 25 to 30% of it. I just couldn't take it.

Constant profanity and bad acting is all I could see and hear for the first bit of this movie and the story was not doing anything to get me interested.

I tried to watch this because my wife is a BIG Sandra Bullock fan. Even she could not find this movie enjoyable, although she tried. That says it all pretty much right there as my wife likes ALL of SB's movies (much to my chagrin, lol).

I truly hope this is not an example of where comedies are going because I myself love a good comedy.

If I could rate it less than 1, I would. Big waste of time imho.

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A Medieval Fantasy Pleasure, 7 October 2012

There are a lot of haters on this movie out there. There are a lot of haters out there period. The internet seems to attract them. Please don't listen to them.

This movie was very enjoyable. The different angle of the story was refreshing and interesting. The acting was fine, don't listen to people saying it was awful.

One thing for sure, and this is probably why I was able to enjoy this movie so much, this is more of a medieval fantasy movie than a fairy tale.

One of my favorite genres is medieval fantasy. I've seen most of this genre's movies and read a lot of the genre's books. If you're a fan of the medieval fantasy genre, whether that be D&D or Tolkien or any of the myriad of great books out there, this movie delivers.

It was not very predictable for the most part which was fresh. Hemsworth did a great job as well as most of the others (of course Charlize did a fantastic job). But really, it was the heavy transformation from a Disney fairy tale to a dark medieval fantasy that really made this movie for me.

If you're looking for Shakespeare, then maybe don't watch this movie. If you're looking for a refreshing, medieval fantasy twist on this classic tale though, give this movie a try. It's definitely not a waste of time.

9 (Really it's an 8, but I gave it a 9 just because it was a lot better than I thought it would be. So, 1 point for the nice surprise. : P )

Star Trek (2009)
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An Incredible Re-ignition Of Great Sci-Fi., 2 July 2009

Just saw Star Trek, I couldn't see it when if first came out, glad I saw it before it left the theatres.

Admittedly, I did not expect much when seeing this movie (long story, I won't get into why) and boy am I glad I didn't. This movie blew me away in so many ways. I think I enjoyed this movie more than any other movie I've seen in a theatre.

The director, writers, music score people and actors all deserve high praise for this movie as all did outstanding jobs. I don't mean to leave out the special effects people, they did a completely fabulous job as well.

Before this gets long, I'll just say this much: I loved this movie not just because I'm a Star Trek fan (no, I don't go to conventions or wear costumes or anything like that. LOL. But I have seen Trek in all it's forms) but because it was a great action, sci-fi flick with some great comedy, dialogue and character. I always know when a movie is great when it seems like only about half an hour went by when the credits start rolling.

This movie also is brilliant in one other way: they managed to re-ignite this series with a fabulous story that leaves a whole new generation (not "next generation" :P ) of possibilities to explore. It also, in my humble opinion, still respected everything that is Star Trek while making it new and contemporary.

Awesome movie.....a 10 out of 10 for me.

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V for Vendetta is G for Great., 6 August 2006

After the first appearance of V in this movie where he introduces himself, I thought to myself, "If this is a taste of the quality of dialogue to come, I'm in for a very good movie." Well, I was not disappointed.

It's hard for me to describe this movie as it's as fresh a movie as I've seen in a long time. There's no 'gratuitous' Hollywood stuff in here unless you think great dialogue is gratuitous. V for Vendetta delivers great performances, a great story, great pacing, suspense, mystery, action and this movie tugs at the hearts, morals, desires and principles that are at the root of us all.

Hugo Weaving and Natalie Portman are absolutely stellar. Each, imho, are perfectly cast in their roles. Weaving especially, delivers what I can only describe as a "mesmerizing" or even "hypnotizing" performance. Hugo deserves an Oscar for this one imho. I think good movies make me care for the characters in them, but great movies make me 'respect' the characters in them. Character is also a good word to describe V for Vendetta.

This movie has an "epic" feel to it without having, what seems like today has become status quo, epic battle scenes. Everything in this movie feels like it's done on a epic scale, but a non-ethereal scale. The mood, the story and the idea of this movie will definitely make you think and feel in grand ways.

I think this is one of the few movies I would recommend that any person see, no matter what genre of movies they are into. Even if you don't like V for Vendetta, I have a hard time imagining anyone not 'respecting' it.

I voted 8/10 for this, but I clicked too fast, it gets a 9/10 vote from me. (I never give anything a perfect score because I don't believe you can make a perfect movie; however this one comes close.)

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Better story than the Matrix., 15 January 2006

Just my humble opinion.

I borrowed this movie from my brother who had it on VHS (my DVD player was in for repairs). I vaguely remember hearing about this movie but had never seen it. Well, much to my surprise this was an outstanding movie. I'd never seen any of these actors before (not that I can remember anyways) and for a movie with an all, more or less unknown cast, it did not disappoint.

From beginning to end the story and the characters where much better than in the matrix. The story in this movie has depth and I did not feel I was being sold a "hollywood" thing here (for lack of a better way to put that). A quality gem. I can't believe I missed this one when it came out. Maybe the title made me think it was about something else, I don't know. I'm just glad I finally got to see this movie.

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Not bad, not great, definitely worth watching., 29 December 2005

I used to be a comic book fan (back in the days when kids could "afford" comic books : P ) so I like watching all the comic book based movies. Fantastic Four is maybe not on par with Spider-Man, X-men or Batman Begins but it's definitely worth watching.

I thought The Thing was great, very true to the comic. Invisible Girl was a bit young, but I can understand why they picked the actress they did. LOL. Johnny and Richards were perfect.

A movie's job, first and foremost, is to entertain. This movie does a good job at that. It's not a super great movie, but it's definitely not a bad movie. Well worth watching in my humble opinion.

Serenity (2005)
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Wow, Sci-Fi has got major hope once again., 2 October 2005

Wow. I like "space" movies (sorry, don't mean to be to verbose there), but lately, the movies that have come out are, well, not helping the Sci-Fi genre push forward. IMHO I won't name any titles as I don't want to offend anyone here. lol In the "super-hero" fad of movies that's going on right now though, this is a breath of fresh air.

I just came from seeing Serenity I'm buying that sucker as soon as it hits the shelves on DVD! This is a great movie.

A few simple reasons why:

Great dialogue.

Great action, even tho it's not "non-stop." There's enough tho.

Great special effects, jaw dropping even if seen in the right theatre.

Great characters.

Great acting. I'm not easily "moved" with films, but this one did a great job.

Great story.

OK, OK. I think i've used the word 'great' enough. : ) I don't think any sci-fi fans, whether they've seen the Firefly TV series or not, will be disappointed with Serenity. In a world that seems, to me at least, to be starving for some 'good' sci-fi movies again, Serenity sure satisfies the hunger.

Not since Bladerunner have I enjoyed a sci-fi movie this much.

In closing, I'd just like to