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Loved it! Wish it was on DVD!, 28 November 2005

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This movie was sad and brought me to remember to be nice to your siblings, because you never know when they could be gone.

The story is great. Darcy Deeton wakes up on her birthday to her brother who promises to spend the whole day together. WHen she finds him with his girlfriend kissing later on, she runs out. David's girlfriend, Janye, wants him to go after her, but he won't. He backs up backwards to the road and throws his keys in the air. He never catches them, as he's hit by a truck.

The story unfolds on her 16th birthday, a year after his accident. With the help of her friend Sam, she goes to find his heart, as he was a organ donor.

This story is for anyone, especially ones who have lost a loved one. I loved it, and my little sister loved it. I wish there were more movies like this out there.