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I have expanded this list from 30 to an infinite number of entries of films that are recommended to watch every year around christmas time to get in the right yuletide spirit. All of them are great classic movies with stories that are either centered around christmas or just have the true spirit of christmas. Most of them I remember from way back since my childhood, and some I have found later in life. Some are available on DVD, while others astoundingly enough are still unavailable on DVD. Unless you want to pay extreme prices for second hand copies on or E-bay, which most likely will be copies knocked over directly from VHS tapes. The studios should really make all these great films available on new restored copies on BluRay and DVD. I really think there would be an audience for them. Judging by how many people have viewed my list, they are still very popular. These classics are loved and will be watched forever, when much of the garbage that are released these days will be forgotten. I have just included a few new movies from the last century, which I think have the right atmosphere and in time probably will reach status as classics. There are also a few animated short films on the list, but I have left out the very short 5-7 minutes christmas cartoons, since I have made a special list for those. So...check out my "Classic Christmas Cartoon" list too.
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This list contains the complete collection of all the movies I own on DVD and BR.
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Cartoons have always been an essential part of christmas in my book. I remember in my childhood in Denmark, where we only got one hour of Walt Disneys great cartoons at christmas on TV the whole year. My parents also took me to the movies for a Disney cartoon show at a special cinema called Metropol. It was the highlight of the whole year and the only Disney cartoons we got. Nowadays you can buy almost every cartoon of the golden age from both Disney, Warner brothers, MGM and all the others on DVD. They also show them on TV all year long, but in the old days part of the waiting and anticipation for christmas was as much for the great cartoons as for the presents, at least I always felt that way. These old cartoons still have a big place in my heart, and I watch them with almost as much joy today, so here I have collected a list with as many of the short christmas cartoons as possible. Some of them I have only discovered in recent years, where other fans have posted their childhood favorites on Youtube and other sites, but most of them I remember from the christmas days of my own childhood.
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The 100 best TV shows/series/miniseries in the history of television according to me. The list has just been updated since I have discovered several new great TV shows lately, so I have edited the list a bit. Some new entries have replaced others, cause I`d like to keep the number of entries on one hundred. Multiple mini series like Miss Marple or Peter Wimsey are only listed with one entry representing all.
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These are the best westerns that I have in my collection
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This list may miss some obvious choices from a later date, but I have choosen to focus on the golden period between 1940-1960, and yes I think the best examples of film noir are in black & white.