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Duro de salvar (1995 Video)
Boring and empty
4 May 2007
This movie is part of a religious propaganda and it lacks of tolerance on its view by evangelic fundamentalist who believes in conservatism, creationism and brainwashing. It is as a 2 hours monologue where a preacher (Jorge Reynoso), tries to save Rafael Iclan from his sins and misbehavior. Quality and consistency are poor and there is no acting at all. You could love the picture if you are in tune with the message it brings, or will hate it, in case you were expecting a comedy or action movie. The suggested title of BIBLE TALK is a good one. That will tells you all and will alert you about the content (the original title suggest a action-comedy).
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A narrow-minded movie
4 May 2007
This movie is a superb production, but lacks of tolerance or flexibility or breadth on its view. The photography and locations were chosen beautifully. The story is based on revolution days in Mexico. The movie seems to have been directed as an anti-catholic propaganda against "cristeros" by evangelic fundamentalist, and the use of icons and dialogs are so obvious and deliberated that should be seen as educational essay of movie mistakes that shouldn't been done by a director. I think the movie make conclusions by its own an doesn't allow to make your own. It should have been a interesting movie but you get bored after the first 5 minutes.
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1 February 2006
This was a good effort to bring to TV the fall of Noriega's regime. I was in Panama during the events and they are very accurate. The low-budget production uses almost all the resources available to show a realistic view but it still having a Mexican flavor. I will suggest to see the movie just to understand better the time and people that took part of this moment in the history of Panama. Due the fact the movie was not produced in US nor Panama, it doesn't have a preference on any of the sides Some of the actors are very similar to the original characters and that probes it was a research effort. I was disappointed that with so talented actors, the movie doesn't bring the drama and passion it could have had.
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The Notebook (2004)
Soap Opera Movie
8 December 2005
I was invited to see the movie recently, with good comments. As soon as I start seeing the two seniors, I already knew the plot and end of it. The production design is well done, specially selecting locations. Photography and art direction is also superb. But the movie is predictable and not a real tearjerker in my opinion. I have noticed the movie has moved American audience and it is because it has same plot seeing on soap opera shows. Before the end, the predictable plot suggested by all means that somebody should die, in we got the two main character dying together (the best way to bring tears to the audience). I enjoyed the movie but I think it was overrated.
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lazy and predictable plot
19 July 2005
The movie has some few good moments but in general, it takes SIDEWAYS concept of the story of two losers that find out some orientation through a common passion (in this case, Tennis). Beside of some technical errors (out of focus scenes and editing mistakes, beside others), the characters stand far from you so you never get involved with their feelings. It is more a plain cartoon than a black comedy.

Nevertheless, there are some fresh jokes on the movie that can be enjoyable if you are related to movie industry, otherwise, you will pass them without pity or glory. The happy ending is predictable and it will satisfy audience, because of Jason Isaacs's great performer as a deceitful, arrogant and hypocritical movie star.
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