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Let's be quite honest, everybody doesn't like the same movies, due to genre, cast, category whatever. And I believe that's quite all right. I hated Avatar many people loved it and that's okay by me...but here is a list of my own personal favorites. Many off the beaten path for whatever reason. So in no particular order, here goes: Please note...since first posting this list I have started putting them into order...more or less, that probably applies more for the first 20 movies as of April 2nd, 2013, than the rest of the list. I plan on adding to and reordering the list as time permits, plus I'll add my own reviews/opinions were I feel they are appropriate or needed. My only hope is, if nothing else, that it gives you, the real movie fans, some ideas for your future viewing.
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This is my list of the fifty very best male actors plying their craft since 1990 to the present in descending order. I weighted it towards most recent performances back. So five years ago it would probably have had most of the same actors but a different order and five tears from now it will probably evolve more. De Niro is my favorite actor of all-time but is he number one with the above parameters in place? Find out below. They are not necessarily my favorites or most popular but what I believe after watching well over 1,000 movies - whether I like them or not - are the very best 50 actors for sheer on screen brilliance! You are more than welcome to disagree and debate the list, but as with any list it is my opinion. Nothing more, Nothing less. I'll post my favorite actors in order in a different list. So please feel free to disagree but I would appreciate no bashing since it is just my opinion. I hope you enjoy and welcome any comments.

It's been well over two years since I put up this list and there have been some significant changes...I will try to fix what I feel needs fixed. Remember, it's only my opinion and it's natural to disagree...feel free, and thanks for checking it out. Gary
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For better or worse the superstars seem to get all the press, all the hype and of course all the big money, but there are literally dozens of great character actors who really make certain films what they are. The following list consists of the very best male character actors currently plying their craft. Without them many great movies would turn out to be less than hoped. So here goes with who I consider are the cream of the character actors crop and of course there is plenty of room for distension and discussion. Please remember, this is my opinion, not carved in stone, but a list I feel that salutes those who don't command the 20 million dollar per picture paycheck, but can they act? You bet! PLEASE NOTE: these are not yet in a final order, if you will, with names to still be added as they come to mind. So have a look. What do you think???? I'd enjoy hearing from you even if we agree to disagree.. So for your perusal my list of the top one hunred plus...enjoy......... or not!
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Listed below are, in my humble opinion, the very best actresses over the past five years. You are more than welcome to agree or disagree as long as your arguments are cogent!
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T thought it might be interesting to make a list of what one would call B-list actors and actresses, the type that rarely are in Academy Award type pictures but churn out the "quick to DVD type movies, often doomsday, horror and cheap sci-fi. I am sure there will be lot's of disagreements and I welcome any disagreements as usual. Let the fun began....I'll try to list them by popularity as opposed to most to least talented.