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This Honey is Sweet, 28 October 2009

I just went down to my local video store and rented this series that I read about. After viewing all the episodes I can honestly say that the series exceeded my expectations. Anne Francis' role as Honey West is the perfect combination of Kate Jackson's Sabrina Duncan and Jacklyn Smith's Kelly Garret from Charlie's Angels. Fans of the Russ Meyer movie Faster Pussycat Kill, Kill should look closely for Lori Williams. She has two uncredited roles in the 1st and 7th episodes wearing bikini's on both occasions. This show was truly ahead of its time and even though the idea was stolen from the Avengers, Arron Spelling sprinkled it with his own touch on TV magic. The episodes keep your attention right until the end and the acting and fight choreography are superb. Check it out if you can.

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characters with charisma, 14 October 2007

Most people hate this film with a passion, and with good reason, it's bad; I on the other hand love it. This movie has some pretty unforgettable characters and my favorite of all is the small fry criminal Buzz; this guy's so stupid he'll keep you in stitches.

The nightclub owner (who could pass as a relative of Liberace)is great as a seedy bad guy. He thinks he's so tough but in real life a guy like this would've been pimp slapped so hard it's not even funny.

The atmosphere of the movie is a character as well; although the editing, dialogue and plot leave a lot to be desired, that's part of the fun. The music is the best part of the atmosphere because it leaves you with that distinctive sixties vibe with original songs.