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Hitman (2007/I)
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I enjoyed this movie!!, 3 May 2008

Several comments have said that this movie had little plot...was a rip-off of other action movies...etc.

My question to them is "Why would you expect a movie with the title "Hitman" to be anything more a shoot-em-up action flick?" Once you accept that basic premise, it's value lies in that it delivers exactly what you would expect.

I found it rather enjoyable and it was especially nice to see some other worthy actors in the lead roles instead of the over-exposed, traditional Hollywood blockbuster names.

And girls...this is for you...Timothy Olyphant (the drug dealer from Go) is hot, hot, hot in the lead role. And with the addition of the handsome Dougray Scott (Prince Henry from Ever After) playing the inspector chasing him with help from Michael Offei (from Casino Royale), this film has kept my interest...more than some others in this genre.

All in all...not that bad...

Dear Wendy (2005)
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You will be thinking about this movie long after you leave the theatre..., 17 July 2005

I saw this movie in France with a large group of friends, something I highly recommend. We all seemed to have a different take on the film and each of us was able to draw something unique from it. Some loved it; some hated it. One of us focused on the powerful characters, another on the coming-of-age aspect, another on the gun control issues, etc. I saw it as a commentary on the power of fear in light of current world events and about how allowing that fear to control your life can ultimately bring about the very tragedy of which you are most afraid.

Dear Wendy certainly lends itself well to conversations that surpass the standard post-movie fare. I am looking forward to it coming stateside so I can see it again with other friends and see what reactions the film provokes in them ...