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a wonderful series, 7 June 2006

This program fueled my youthful imagination and made me happy with it's warmth and it's continual positive spirit. The more kid friendly episodes were favorites of mine and they still are. I'm still a kid at heart and I still adore the series. Perils of Superman is my favorite episode and there are too many other favorites to mention here. I can't agree with the critics who take a purely "adult" or "logical" view of this program. Wearing glasses as a disguise was the biggest lapse of logic, but so what? That sort of thing didn't matter to me when I was young. I also didn't mind the different Lois Lanes. How can you not adore 'em both? The Adventures of Superman never failed to uplift me and make me happy. It's heart was always in the right place. It's positive spirit never faltered. It always radiated good will, fun, and decency. There will always be a special place in my heart for the Adventures of Superman. I'm thrilled that every episode is being released on DVD.

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Tarzan and the Aquaticans, 6 September 2005

Before watching this I'd read that some considered TARZAN AND THE MERMAIDS to be "the worst" of the Weissmuller series. That made me nervous but I gave it a try. I'm happy to say that I was very pleasantly surprised. MERMAIDS might be "the worst" of the Weissmuller series but that doesn't make it a bad film at all. Taking Tarzan away from the jungle for an exotic aquatic romp makes this an unusual entry in the series so prepare yourself for a change of pace. I like it! MERMAIDS is well worth adding to one's Tarzan collection if you can find it. I wish they would release all of Johnny's Tarzan movies on DVD.

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Fun!!!, 2 September 2005

There's a lot to like about this fun flick based on the popular cartoon and toy series. It's a surprisingly entertaining movie that delivers plenty of enjoyable escapism. Dolph Lundgren as He-man was a fun casting choice. He certainly looks the part! My favorite part of the movie is the evil Skeletor. He's awesome! Frank Langella was a perfect choice! He's extremely enjoyably EVIL in every scene he's in! It's great stuff! Like He-Man? Give this flick a try. Pick up the new "Best Of" Masters of the Universe animated DVD too. You can't beat the fun of He-Man on DVD if you "get" this sort of thing. I've had a blast watching the movie and the cartoon. Good fun!

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Swamp Thing kicks butt!, 21 July 2005

I enjoyed Wes Craven's film Swamp Thing very much, but some reviewers found it to be lacking in laughs. The same can not be said of this sequel. Return of Swamp Thing has far more humor than the first film and should not be taken seriously. It's a humorous superhero/monster mash with plenty of fun moments. The two goofy little kids are especially funny. I dug this sequel as much as the first movie. Dick Durock played Swamp Thing in both movies and also in the Swamp Thing TV series. It's too bad the TV series isn't available on DVD (PUT IT ON DVD SOMEBODY!). Return of Swamp Thing is a cheesy blast of fun! Pop some corn, grab a cold beverage, kick back, and enjoy!

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Thank you Mr. Hammond!, 18 July 2005

This 70's Spider-Man series is one of my favorites. It may not be exactly like the comics, but it was impossible to do a live action Spider-Man on 70's TV like the one in the comics. In those days before CGI they could have stunt men hanging by wires, the camera could be tilted, blue screen could be employed, but no matter what they tried it just wasn't going to look like the comics. None of that stopped Nicholas Hammond from shining though. Hammond imbued his Parker/Spider-Man with a tremendous integrity and sincerity which transcended the limitations of low tech 70's TV and made him a great comic book hero in the classic sense. He was honorable, compassionate, and just. I had great admiration for Hammond's idealistic Parker/Spider-Man as a kid. I never missed an episode. Thanks Nicholas Hammond!

"Superboy" (1988)
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Fun for fans of the original Superboy comics!, 17 July 2005

I grew up reading Superboy comics and this TV series really delivered. It was a work in progress in it's first season, but it's heart was definitely in the right place. Season 2 was an impressive improvement and seasons 3 & 4 were GREAT! Superboy didn't shy away from using ideas and characters straight from the comic books. It was great to see Bizarro, Mr.Mxyzptlk, Metallo, The Yellow Peri, and Lex Luthor as played by Sherman Howard. The series also featured stories by comic book writers such as the legendary Denny O'Neil and the sensational Carey Bates. I can't wait for the day when the entire Superboy series will finally be made available on DVD. Give us Superboy on DVD!