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list of horror films watched halloween season of 2012. My goal is to take two films and connect them 6 degrees of kevin bacon style.
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This Is My Attempt to Watch 100 Halloween films in October.

11/1 SPOILER ALERT I didn't quite make it.
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From 10/1/12 - 10/31/12 I will watch 100 horror films starting with a film from 1911 and working my way to 2011 one for each year. Please note as well some films list multiple release dates depending on the source. (update: due to a weak economy this has been postponed, I am still doing 100 horror films in oct 2011 just not this set.)
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poor writing and poor acting makes this laughable film unwatchable. And when I find a film starring Anne Hathaway in the nude unwatchable it's really bad. Possibly the worst film I have ever seen.
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These are my favorite movies, not neccessarily the best films but the ones I find most entertaining. If I could only have 100 films to own and watch for the rest of eternity these are my picks. (order and titles subject to change)