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Girls Trip (2017)
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A pretty accurate picture of modern day feminism, 4 October 2017

I think we have enough of this kind of thing in our daily lives ,why should anyone pay for a ticket to watch a movie about 4 useless chicks... oh wait, it's because it's ticking all the feminist boxes. How many movies will need to be made before everyone realises that this kind of thing is never funny?

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A fairly accurate portrayal, 17 June 2017

Not sure what exactly in this movie is supposed to make people laugh or even smile, but it does give a fairly accurate portrayal of your typical shallow-water British brat,together with her lack of purpose, direction, values and morals.

There's more and more movies being classed as comedies that can only get one depressed, and this is certainly one of them.

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I loved it, 22 January 2013

I must say I expected a sub-Pixar animated feature,but Tad has surprised me on so many levels that I actually rated it higher than the recent Disney/Pixar films.

the characters are well developed and animated superbly,but I was particularly impressed by the set designs,although the whole production has been done with so much imagination and artistic's true that it's a cartoon-y take on I.Jones/TombRaider theme but the attention to detail in every shot is simply staggering,and on top of it all it is a very cute looking movie.

It'll take a second viewing to process all the details I must have missed the first time,as it's really fast-paced.

Brave (2012)
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Radical Feminism draped in lush cg, 23 December 2012

the visuals are lavish and immaculate.

the story was clearly written by a vengeful feminist without any sense of direction.It's so bad and obvious that it insults one's intelligence...perhaps the intent WAS to insult???

Unless you're into computer animation or indeed feminism,you'll find very little value in this movie.

Brave is a total disappointment.

there's more and more animated features that rely on cg and vfx to sell a totally non-existent plots and stories,and Brave is one of them.

Sure,some Scottish accents/themes were thrown in in another attempt to pull the wool over our eyes but nonetheless,I feel cheated out of my money.

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another video games influenced movie, 24 February 2012

I don't really care how well choreographed scenes of serial mutilation are,this movie offers very little value,and even Kate Beckinsale in it doesn't look all that appealing or impressive... In fact she was a lot more imposing as an actor and a person in Serendipity than in this drivel.

It makes one wonder whom these movies overloaded with gore and violence are made for - do people really find them interesting to watch? It seems that video games are driving the whole entertainment industry to its most vulgar and violent extremes.

Most people do not ever see a stabbing in their lives,yet on the screen that's like common courtesy.

The first three Underworld movies are a lot better than this one.

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horrible movie about horrible British teenagers, 1 January 2012

While I accept that the series might have provided a silly entertainment to a fan base of sorts,this effort lacks so much in so many departments that I wouldn't even consider it a film.

For anyone unfamiliar with the series,the characters and their respective actors offer absolutely nothing of any value,and neither does the "plot".

It just paints a very grim picture of British youth and deteriorating British culture,forcing the audience to watch the British humour being reduced to a mixture of awkwardness,scatology and frustrated bing-drinking twats desperate to indulge in mindless sex in any shape or form.

A truly horrible thing to watch and waste your time on.

Rango (2011)
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Pointless exercise.No substance., 4 July 2011

I give this movie 3 out of 10.

The characters and animation are really high end,everything else is not.

This is not an animated film for kids,the dialogues and humour are not suitable for children,and,lets face it,the characters are simply too rancid and disgusting looking to have your kids exposed to them.

And yet,the movie's story is so shallow that I don't see it suitable for adults either.In other words,it's just your regular empty-headed animated feature,and the audience is expected to be in awe just because there are digital characters rendered on screen and acting out real actor's voice over.

I'd say that Toy Story 1 conveyed more emotions and story than Rango,despite it being released ages ago and despite it being more technically ground-braking in terms of digital animation for its time.

Digital features have been around long enough for me not to be impressed by the 3D visuals only,I thought ILM would know better than that.

Whiteout (2009)
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what's the point?, 10 January 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I love Kate Beckinsale in Underworld series,but this movie irritated me.

I don't understand how movies like this ever get the green light,and I wonder how many more of the same pointless projects will be funded,produced and then served to mindless audiences around the world.

5 minutes into the movie I thought to myself: Not another female American cop flick in which she cares more about her career than her own life,going into dark places where killers lurk armed only with the torchlight,and looking all-pretty even after days without sleep and loosing a finger? Who on earth wants to see more of that?

District 9 (2009)
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an interesting looking failure, 11 September 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The Positives:

1. It starts off well,and the newscasts give it a certain sense of realism.

2. South Africa is a refreshing choice of location (not in America,for once).

3. the idea of aliens struggling here on Earth seems quite plausible.

4. occasionally,some eye-pleasing visuals are on offer.

The Negatives:

1. Alien creature design is flawed,it makes it very difficult for them to emote - which in turn makes it hard for us to relate to them until very late into the movie...quite frankly their look evokes disgust throughout,which lingers on for hours after the film.

2. No character (be it human or alien) was given sufficient depth,they just run around like in a cheap action movie.

3. The storyline is totally linear and thus totally predictable,offering the same kind of message as seen in bucket-loads of other action movies.Plot holes abound.

4. Visually,the sets are decidedly CyberPunk,whilst props,robot,weaponry and action sequences are mired deep in video game references...detailed and trendy but not original or groundbreaking by any standard.

5. Self mutilation and graphic injuries is another attempt to tick the trendy boxes...the time could have been better spent developing the character.

6. this is,in the end,just another alien movie - it would have been just another zombie movie if it had zombies in it instead of aliens - but it is cliché none the less.

7. Predator had only one alien,with a lot less screen time given,yet its character was infinitely more developed than 2.5 million aliens we saw in this movie from start to finish.

Weapons,costumes and CG explosions do not automatically make for a good isn't terrible to watch because it has its moments,but overall it under-delivered.

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good visuals,not much suspense, 15 February 2008

I think that achieving the level of suspense from previous Alien movies was a tall order,simply because you cannot go on repeating the same scenario over and over again.

W.S. Anderson made a brave attempt to do a movie based not so much on the 2 franchises,but on the concept from a comic book instead...he also did make every effort to provide continuity and consistency with other alien and predator movies,but it was difficult to marry the two.

AvP at least has heaps of handcrafted art carved into the movie sets,it has bags of eye-candy not previously seen in any of the original movies - but was ruined by unconvincing characters/acting.

Although considerable screen time was given to character build-up,the viewer doesn't get to bond with either one of them.

The predator from the first movie also possessed hell of a lot more mystique and personality,compared to the ones in AvP.

All in all,Avp it makes for a good comic book to cinema conversion,and it looks very good.

8 out of 10 from me

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