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Kathleen Kinmont's Renegade Swan Song, 18 August 2008

"Rio Reno" was Kathleen Kinmont's final episode with the Renegade franchise. She did also do a few episodes of "Silk Stalkings" which Steven J. Cannell had in production at the same time though her episodes came several years after she was fired from "Renegade." When Kathleen first married Lorenzo Lamas, she went on the "Howard Stern Show" and insisted that her marriage would last forever as they were deeply in love. Despite Howard's doubt, she was happily married for a while before things fell apart. Even while Kathleen sobbed in her trailer after Lorenzo told her he wanted a divorce, they managed to keep things civil for the sake of the show. For some strange reason, after Lorenzo hooked up with Shauna, Kathleen decided to go back to do the "Howard Stern Show" again. This time, instead of taking all of the sarcasm from Howard, Kathleen herself made some sweltering remarks about Shauna and her relationship with Lorenzo. Those tactless comments led to her being fired which resulted in "Rio Reno" being the last show in which she aired. As of this writing, seasons four and five aren't out on disc so we can't go back and watch them yet!