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great filmaking, 30 December 2012

i remember a certain point in the film, as it was a bit slow, but i gave it time, wondering just exactly was the point of the film... but at the same time i was amazed how engaged i had been up to this point. wonderful acting, wonderful directing, but again, what was the point? the ending was superb, not a word i use often, but the ending really put it all together. it was a wonderful experience watching this film and reminded me of how great a movie experience can be. there is one thing in particular that stood out to me, they never flashed back to the past, nor talked about the past of each of the characters even though the past obviously had a lot to do with the actions of the present. but it didn't seem to matter when watching the story. you knew this fact but didn't need to know exactly what had happened to make them act the way they did in the present... brilliant filmaking and storytelling. this is truly a wonderful film and i encourage you to go watch it in a theater.

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please, it's not a serious film, just watch and enjoy, if you do, 24 November 2012

i write this review only after first reading negative after negative reviews. i am not writing to say this is a great movie, but to read other people's writings, "i didn't see the first 4 movies, but here is my review of the 5th"... please, just shut up, ur an idiot. this movie is a popcorn movie people, and it's not trying to be a anything more. so stop with the serious analysis. if u buy into the entertainment of this particular series, this is one of the better films. the pace is good, the prettiness is good, the humor is good... at first, i did not like the trick ending, but i thought about it as the credits were running and thought, well, it fits very well with the series. and so, OK, it works fine. people have a tendency to write movie reviews that tell you more about them, than about the movie. this is one of them. if ur a fan of this series, you will enjoy this movie very much. if ur not a fan, just stay at home and please don't write a review on this site cause it's just a review of yourself.

Due Date (2010)
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didn't expect this to be funny, but it made me laugh, 15 October 2011

first comment is about other posts, because it's interesting how other posts sometimes make me want to post. a pet peeve of mine is when people compare one film to another. my feelings are to just post your feelings about this movie... i don't care what you think about other movies in regards to this one, i really don't. i might not have even seen the movie you are referencing... it's like shorthand that i don't understand. now, this movie... i had no interest in watching it. the previews didn't entice me, but i ended up watching it and sometimes i think low expectations (especially in comedies), can be helpful. yes, this movie was silly, but it did make me laugh. my fiancé just had a flight with a guy sitting next to her who was similar to Zach's character, yes weird, but weirdly endearing people/strangers do exist. although i used the word weird, a better word is odd. and if odd people being odd make you laugh, than check this out. it's both subtle and outrageous and you may like it or not... but it's not the dud a lot of posts make it out to be...

Orphans (1987)
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basic human emotion, the need for a parent, guidance, and love, 13 May 2011

i saw this movie in the late 80's and it's only been equaled by one other movie (imho). when you watch the movie, you have to understand that it was a play adapted to a movie and plays tend to be acted a little "over the top"... which is needed to reach out and grab an audience that is physically all around you. however, don't let that steer you away from the incredible acting and story that is told. it's about a basic and fundamental need in all human beings, the need to be loved and cared for in naturing way. this movie is so raw in it's needs and emotions, it can be hard to watch. really, it can be painful and some people don't like that. sometimes we just want to be entertained. this movie can be entertaining at times, but if you want to watch something that will speak directly to your heart and not sugarcoat reality in any way, you can do no better than this film. all 3 actors are exceptional in this movie and for it to get no critical acclaim is criminal. i see 12 reviews on wow. i know the movie is a bit obscure, but not that obscure... the actors are well known and do such an incredible job. please make every effort to watch this and you won't be disappointed. if you aren't affected by this movie, you aren't human.

Nine (2009)
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portrait of an artist ( its not always pretty), 11 May 2011

first of all, i am not a big musical movie lover, but when something is good, its just good. as a writer, i appreciated this movie for its honest portrayal of being an artist and how art and life/relationships don't always get along. it can be a blur and that is exactly what this movie shows. you don't have to like a character to appreciate the struggle. and as such, there are many sympathetic characters. and there are many real connections between people that don't fit so nicely into the relationships society has defined and people in general have accepted as "safe". all the actors in this movie were exceptional (minus the blond American, wow, what a shocker). i would say to just watch the movie with empathy in your heart. you will see everyone's struggle and understand not everyone is perfect. it's such a heartfelt movie...

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Wasted Effort, 27 November 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Warning! - Spoilers Below! I wasn't watching this movie, my girlfriend was and I found myself drawn into it. The actors were good and I believed their characters. It was an interesting story to delve into, a lesbian couple that had a couple kids with a sperm donor and the kids, now about college age pursue finding out who their "father" is. Nice premise. The "donor" turns out to be kind of a "live life lightly" type who is taken by surprise by this turn of events in his life and over time develops a bunch of emotions he was not expecting at all towards the kids and the idea of having this kind of connection with other human beings. It's nice to see this change in him. His demeanor is quite different than one of the parents and the other seems attracted to this (insinuating there are some issues in their marriage). Now all is still well in the story. The donor seems a positive influence on the kids and he seems genuinely touched and is changing as a person. One of the parents seems jealous and the other seems happy with everything. Then, the story gets a little nutty with one of the parents basically jumping the donor's bones rather exuberantly (sp?) over and over again. Only once she is caught cheating does she end the relationship and apologizes to the family. She is quickly forgiven and he is quickly dismissed by everyone in the family as the bad guy. Huh? What just happened? It was quite shocking. There were so many good story lines being developed and it all just ended in a completely illogical way. I was very upset that I got drawn in only to be dumped like wet cement... or like the donor dad was. I gave this movie 1 star, but the actors were really good and the movie starts and develops so well. The ending was so bad, I want directors to have to apply for a license so they don't break our hearts. Haha, just kidding... hopefully this Director can learn some lessons from this and get better. There is obviously talent there, but learn to close the deal!