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Love Begins (2011) (TV)
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Very Good Hallmark movie!!, 17 September 2011

I really enjoyed this movie. I have a collection of Hallmark movies and this is one I will add to my collection. The acting by Wes Brown and Julie Mond was excellent. I am not aware of the name of the young girl who played Cassie, but she also did an excellent job. It is good to watch movies that have good morals, no profanity and very little violence. It was good to watch the relationship grow between Ellen and Clark and eventually bloom into a romance. Then when Ellens former love showed up and asked her to marry him, the suspense was built up as to which she would choose. Hallmark has once again lived up to its excellent reputation. Hope you enjoy this movie as much as I did.

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What A Doll, 11 February 2011

Shirley and I are the same age. I grew up watching all her movies. She was so talented as well as being a beautiful little girl. Of course I had her doll and a couple of her dresses. I watched her grow into a teenager and saw her developing into a pretty good actress. Then she got married and became a mother... She matured into a very intelligent woman and was appointed to an ambassadorship. It was interesting to learn of the child care centers that have been established. I was not aware of this. I am a "movie buff" and have thousands of movies that I am now converting from VCR to DVD. Of course I have most of the Shirley Temple movies. I show them to my Great Grandchildren and they enjoy them as much as I do. Unfortunately, the movies they make today are so violent. I don't feel are suitable for our youth.

WOW!!!! A movie I will never forget..., 7 January 2011

I saw this movie when it first came out (over 65 years ago) and I have seen thousands since; but this is one I will always remember. It also has a great cast. Spencer Tracy and Irene Dunne lead the way with Van Johnson, James Gleason, Ward Bond and many more right behind. What a love story...

I also saw the sequels, don't even remember their names but I will NEVER forget this one....They don't make 'em like this any more....Too bad for the younger generation.... Today's movies show our young people Violence, sex, nudity, filthy language, drugs etc..... Is it any wonder there is so much of all this in our young people today... Lets hope our film industry gets back to making "worthwhile" movies..