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Interesting and memorable., 26 July 2012

25.07.2012: A film that forces you to feel something about the concept of death and what it means. It is up to the viewer himself to make up their own minds to what that is. Personally i believe in the very thing Max von Sydows character is afraid of, "nothingness". But as far as the film is concerned isn't death appearing as a person proof of the afterlife? It is not just a bleak film since it has some genuine humor in it. For one i thought the blacksmith was utterly amusing in his acts and dialog. In fact all the characters was amusing in a sense in their own way. So far this is the best Bergman film i have seen. But i have only seen between 5-7 titles thus far.

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Great Hammer production., 10 February 2012

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Good film about a professor who answers to a calling made from a previous student. This student is now the doctor of a small town, and he finds it bizarre that people in the dozens keep dying with no sign of a criminal act. The Professor played by Sir Andre Morell starts digging up bodies only to find out that the graves are empty. What can this be? where are the bodies? And why did the professor's daughter see a presumably dead person up and walking in the dead of night? All seems to point towards a rich man living in a castle after he in recent years have returned from Haiti. The Professor soon realizes that he is a practitioner of black magic or Voodoo if you will. I must say that this film had a way more intricate plot than at first glance. A recommended film and one of the better Hammer productions i have up to this point had the pleasure of seeing.

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Decent and memorable., 18 June 2011

Decent family film about two old geezers played by Robert Duvall and Michael Caine who settles down in their old birthplace Texas after 40 years of swashbuckling adventures. But when their nephew(Osment) whom they have never met get thrown at their doorstep by his irresponsible mother, they soon discover sides of themselves either long forgotten or never experienced. I loved Duvall's performance simply because his character had more mystique and flair than Caine's character. But in contrast to each other it plays out wonderfully humorous. I actually wouldn't mind a prequel of this film based on the story's spent in the foreign legion and numerous wars. And of course Emmanuelle Vaugier's role however short is one of the things i will remember most about this film in a visual context, A stunningly beautiful actress with great acting skills. Well i have rambled on enough. Just see the film if you are in the mood for a comedic but dramatic coming of age story with grade A actors.

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Beautiful and Relevant Film., 13 April 2011

Make Way for Tomorrow is a sad tale about an old married couple forced to live apart when the Bank forecloses their house. With 5 kids and no one with the capacity to take them both in, they reluctantly split them up. But being together for 50 years and suddenly being apart is not easy. The actors are not huge movie stars, they are something better. Great character actors who do their work flawlessly to make a great and relevant story come to life with their magnificent performances. Orson Welles once said to Peter Bogdanovich "this film is the saddest ever made, it could make a stone cry!". I agree fully with Orson even if i did not shed tears, but the story captivated me and made me feel something for the characters. And that is something few movies in the age of happy endings in Hollywood did achieve. Bravo!

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Unforgettable Film-Noir, 6 March 2011

Dick Powell's portrayal of the legendary screen detective "Philip Marlowe" is a stand alone achievement in making the character his own. Just his facial expressions while listening to someone else talk is amusing and keeps you focused on this interesting character. "Murder, My Sweet" is a underrated masterpiece formed from the brilliant mind of Edward Dmytryk. This is truly one of the best film-noir's out there. It has passed the test of time, and i guarantee it will keep doing so in the future. The character "moose" , this big intimidating guy is just a creepy dimwitted type and is in fact one of the most scary characters i have seen from that era. like a big Frankenstein who could crush you with his huge bare hands. Well i said enough, but i highly and intensely recommend this classic film.

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A good old adventure., 20 February 2011

Pretty good film about the Major Rogers Rangers. The film start off a little slapstick but quickly progresses into an action adventure in the wilds. It was unsettling to hear the Indian stories , you know slaughtering woman and children while torturing the men to death after wards, playing ball with heads and stuff like that. Spencer Tracy did an all right job, not his finest performance but still a memorable one. Too bad the quality of the DVD was very poor, because this film deserves a decent transfer. A recommended watch even if the quality is poor. King Vidor may not have been a genius Director but he made some fun films with interesting story's.

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This one stands out., 23 November 2010

Good original western revolving around a murder and the unstoppable justice that follows in the shape of a determined Swedish immigrant. my oh my there was some lousy acting to behold here, with the exception of Hayden, Cabot and..... let's just call that last one "the bad guy"(Bogart lookalike). I must say i find the whale spear vs. a revolver kind of amusing, but actually quite plausible if you can believe it. The story ain't much but it aims to please. It is always satisfying to see the average Joe stand up against tyranny and evil s.o.b's. So by all means watch it if you enjoy old school western's that stand out a little from the rest.

Possession (1981)
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Shocking, vulgar and delightful., 21 November 2010

A really really bizarre venture into madness, both psychological and demonic. Isabelle Adjani gives a memorable and really intense performance, all though sometimes it is a bit much. but i guess that's the point in being crazy. How this film got into the banned list of video nasties i cant understand, sure there is blood, disturbing behavior and a gooey monster but the violence is a really small part of the film. I guess it offended the UK's sense of morality or something. Either way this film stands out from most horror films and manages to leave me with a memorable and intense experience. A recommended watch by all means if you love horror.

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Ray Walston and Hopper saves it from disaster., 15 September 2010

i fail to see the point of this film. it really had nothing going for it. the only things i saw as funny was Dennis Hopper's character(a spoof on his "Apocalypse now" role) and Ray Walston remembering different violent cases as a cop, and telling them as if they were happy memories. Other than that this is a poor film as a comedy or anything else. the main actors who portray O.C and Stiggs where just terribly bad actors and they brought virtually nothing to the characters. Still i cant butcher the film as a whole, but it is still way below average. If they had only made a Comedy with some actual Comedy in it, i may have given it a higher rating.

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Hilarious, 3 April 2010

Hilarious campy cheesefest "Swamp Thing" is an interesting look on Wes Craven's work as a director. people call him a hit and miss director, but i think he just says once in a while "damn it, lets just have fun on this movie". or maybe when studio execs are breathing down his neck he just makes things the opposite of what he wants. a good example would be "Cursed", he hated the studio interference according to the man himself. and he made an in-joke gester about it in the film. the werewolf giving the finger. Hilarious. in my opinion Craven is a great director. sometimes he'll make deadly serious horrors and sometimes he makes them funny. And trust me Swamp Thing is funny!

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