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Eight Days to Live (2006) (TV)
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Good Movie, 23 April 2006

This is a pretty good movie. It has a good story and good acting. It's based on a true story a son, Joe Spring, who goes missing after he doesn't return home when he said he would. His mother, Teresa Spring(Kelly Rowan from Fox's "The OC") learns that he never made it to the party he said he was going to, so she goes searching for him.

It's a different kind of movie, the kind that can teach you stuff. I think it was good because it's a Lifetime movie and they usually turn out pretty good. Next time this movie's on, I suggest watching it. I know I will. I think it can teach parents to always make sure you know where you're kids are because you never know if you will see them again.

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One Disney Channel's Best Movies, 6 October 2005

Perhaps one of the best movies I've ever seen. Good acting and dialog. Great plot also. I have it recorded on DVD and watch almost every day. True love is proved in this movie like when Dimitri captures Chelsea and Adam brings the coffin back to save her from being killed and when Dimitri has Lynette under a trance and the kids call for help. This movie proved to me what true love is. I recommend it to anyone who likes action and vampires. Out of all of the Halloween movies Disney has made, this is my favorite. I guess the moral of the story is don't email people you don't know like Chelsea mentions, and family is everything as all the Hansens prove.

Titanic (1997)
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One of the best movie I've ever seen, 12 August 2005

This is one hell of a movie. The acting was bloody brilliant and the storyline was good. It also had some sad parts such as when Rose tries to get Jack to wake up because the boat has arrived, and discovers that he has died and when she lets go of him, she stares at his face as he sinks down to the bottom. I actually cried after watching this. It was actually pretty cool when the guy on the new boat asks what Rose's name is, she says "Rose. Rose Dawson.'' That proved how much she loved him. Basically, this is a great movie to watch and you can see what kind of thing happened when the real Titanic was sinking. I give this movie 10/10 all the way.