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Stupid abomination., 4 October 2007

Michael Jackson must need money again (he co owns the publishing rights to the Beatles catalog, along with the films distributor Sony to whom he sold a percentage to - hence those Target commercials) This pos also has the nerve to have a "soundtrack album" available. Forget this and go rent some period films, or just put on some real Beatles music and let your mind create the pictures. You'll be glad you did. If your interested in the other historical people in this film, go read the Electric Kool Aid Acid Test by Ken Keesey, and buy some Hendrix albums. Why this even got the green light is beyond me. Oh yea, maybe because music fans today grew up on MTV and need to be shown how to experience music with videos. That and greed. Kill me please.

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Almost a Documentary..., 14 July 2005

There are spoilers in this review...

What a great, great movie. If you want to know what being in High School in the mid 70's was like, rent this film. I grew up in the metro Manhattan area. We didn't have the freshman hazing, and few of us could afford the cars (although we sure knew about them and lusted after them), but the rest of this movie is so dead on about my experience of High School in the 70's that it's scary. Every character in the film corresponds with someone that I knew during that time. Yes, there was a lot of pot smoking, yes, obtaining beer was quite easy for underage kids...I used to buy it in bars when I was 16. We made pipes in shop class. We hung out and had parties at night, drove the streets drinking beers and smoking joints listening to the same music. There were no youth centers though. The girls that I knew were as beautiful, and also struggled to get into their jeans. They used pliers too, but they also put them on while they were wet to further get that skintight look. There was no HIV virus to worry about, Herpes was not a big thing then, the biggest worry was getting pregnant. Everyone was having sex... All of these facts also were no big deal. Most of my peers grew up just fine, and now are upstanding pillars of the community. Many today would like you to believe that this is an example of the road to ruin. It was an incredible great time. The film has interesting character development, with the same types I remember. Philosophers, heads (now called stoners), bullies and waifs. This is my American Graffiti and it is perfect. Waxing nostalgic? Perhaps, but anyone that didn't live through that time will sill love the dialog in this film, as it deals with the universal experience of that point in one's life. This is high school in the 70's. Check it out.