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Really awesome and funny B (or even C) movie!, 18 January 2007

My flatmate and I just finished watching this.

We were expecting it to be so stupid it was awful/funny, but the movie was so purposely awful, it was amazingly awesome.

We're both really impressed with your creative imagination, and the appallingly intentional stupidity of this movie, well done :D Anyone that says this movie isn't a good movie, obviously misses the entire point. ITS NOT MEANT TO BE GOOD, HAVE BELIEVABLE CHARACTERS, OR A REALISTIC PLOT! Well done, and that was one of the funniest movies i've watched in a long time, way better then any big Hollywood movie in the last 5 years!

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One of the best fantasy movies i have ever seen, excellent in all areas, 25 December 2006

When i starting watching this movie, I was immediately in awe of the authenticity and realism of the sets and props. The scenery and backgrounds just ooze detail and really help set the tone for the story and entice the viewer into it's world.

Everything about this movie felt natural, and perfect. Although there were a few obvious CGI effects (after all, the movie was made in 2001) they are used sparingly and appropriately and fit the feel of the scene. I'm the first one to complain usually when watching films when something doesn't feel right, or if the plot isn't realistic enough or moves to fast. For this movie, I have no complaints, in that or any other regard.

The movie is long, but the pacing and development is perfect. The ending isn't really that much of a surprise, no sudden twists, but how the story gets to that point, is really the rewarding part. This is not a static clichéd film, but an imaginative and glorious example of how to creatively weave a story.

This movie pays homage to many of the classic fairy tales, but does so in a fresh and interesting way. Many scenes allude to their older origins but the pattern is natural and doesn't feel forced at all.

The actors all fit their parts superbly as well, and clothing is authentic and most fitting.

As i said before, i have no complaints about this movie, other then I wish i had watched it sooner, and on the big screen, and that i hope there will be a sequel, or at least more films with the same richness in story that this one possesses.

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Technically Stupid, but otherwise OK, 16 October 2006

If you ignore the stupid use of technology and the ridiculous computing concepts that litter this movie, then you maybe able to enjoy this movie.

I'm a computer technician, and i was more amused by the obvious lack of computing knowledge the screenwriters had, then by the movie..

Things like the stupid talking mailbox, how stupid is it to talk about some software gimmick when you're supposed to be discussing hardware solutions??

If you're interested in the subject of the $100 laptop, you'd get a lot more (realistic) information from going to and searching for "$100 laptop". There actually is such a thing, that the implementation is a lot more intelligent then in this cheesy comedy.

Nana (2005/II)
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Absolutely Excellent, a true lesson to Hollywood of how to convert a comic/book to the big screen., 13 March 2006

You can rest assured that this is one of the best media adaptations I've seen, and it's the best Manga <> Live Action Movie conversion i have ever witnessed.

All of the main cast looks as if they have come to life direct from the manga, and they feel real and vibrantly true. About the only negative i could say is that Shin doesn't look young enough (mainly because he's too tall, his style however is perfect and natural). About the only character that didn't jive with me was Nobu, but apart from that everything is perfect - from Yasu to the members of Trapnest, to Sachiko to Juu-chan, all perfect, living as naturally as real life.

Full credit has to go to the stylists and costume designers, who took NANA's unique and wild style of clothing and made it a living breathing stunning showcase you want to reach out and touch.

With regard to the story, i have nothing but praise for the authentic adaptation and brilliant pacing of the story. The movie basically covers from where Nana (Hachi) got on the train to go to Tokyo and it ends just after the concert, when Trapnest came over to Nanaes's (plural possessive of Nana) apartment. The ending is one that feels right, and wraps up nicely the threads throughout the movie. It leaves open the possibility of a sequel and most importantly, doesn't change the source material.

For all of you out there who have never read Nana you'll be pleased that for the movie, NO PRIOR KNOWLEDGE OF NANA IS NECESSARY. So you can go and watch it right now.

I've already mentioned how closely the movie follows the source material, and it is a joy to behold the manga come to life and acted out for this 2 hour movie. I have a very short attention span but for NANA i was on the edge of my seat.

With the NANA manga featuring detailed themes of music and bands, a question is how well real life was able to bring to life the exultation of the songs. I wasn't that wowed by the first BLAST track, but the ending was definitely nice to listen too. In particular Trapnest sounded awesome.

I could write on and on singing my praises for this movie,So what are you waiting for, watch it!!!!!!

Passer By (2004) (TV)
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Great look at the consequences of inaction, 30 October 2005

I think this movie is an excellent explorations about the consequences about this man pretending that the problems of others are not his, and being too cowardly to step forward.

It loses points because some aspects are over dramatized (for example the court room scene) and a few plot holes. However if you take it for what it is, a movie exploring this concept, then it is excellent. Sure, the story is far-fetched in how everything goes wrong. However the obvious parallels between the situation on the train, and his sons problem are a great way to explore the situation. His response in both situations is lacking, he puffs himself up and blusters up to resolve things, but at crunch time is found woefully lacking because he doesn't have the courage or energy to ensure that the situation is correctly resolved.

In the end, his search to ease his guilt brings him right around in a full circle, and the parallels between the cause of his problems, and the solution, is obvious.

I wish more could see this movie and this scenario exploring apathy to others problems.