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Surprisingly fantastic, 7 July 2007

I personally love all the Die Hard movies. I have been a fan for years. When I first heard that the fourth one was going to be pg13, I started having doubts about it. I,however, found myself absolutely loving this one.

From the moment the movie started all the way till the end, it sucks you right into the plot. Even with less blood than its predecessors, Live free or Die Hard remained action packed with intense, jaw-dropping scenes. I would claim this the best summer film.

The only thing that should have been changed to make it a true Die hard movie would be to give it more language. ANyone who watched the other Die Hard's would know that what really makes it Die Hard is Bruce Willus using the F word. Even his famous line was muffled by a gun shot.

But all in all Live Free or Die Hard provides enough thrills to keep you on the edge of your seat, humor that will make you laugh out loud, and McClane's sparling personality.

Wild Hogs (2007)
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Just plain fun., 23 March 2007

I was not sure from the previews whether this movie was just for men or for everyone. While the movie was about middle aged men, I found it to be very enjoyable for everyone. It was funny and fun from beginning to end. With each of the main character's different situation, I felt they were easy to connect with. As far as content I felt it was it was mild enough to enjoy without being distracted by uncomfortable moments. However, there is one scene where you see several naked men from behind, which could be awkward for some viewers. Overall, it was an enjoyable getaway from life, and the whole theater was filled with laughter throughout. Enjoy!!

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cute and upbeat, 28 July 2006

When I first saw the previews for this film I thought it looked funny, but shallow..and a little trashy. However, after I saw the film I was surprised to find the film uplifting, with some depth , and good actors. Ashanti,Bush,and Kebbel blend together well as they team up against Tucker. Each of their personalities contribute to this film in a special way. Snow (the lead character) was what made the film. She truly lit up the screen.Actors aside the movie as a whole was enjoyable and exciting. This movie maybe was not the most spectacular movie created. But it was fun and worth spending a few bucks to see.

If you are looking for something entertaining, you might want to give this a try.

4 out of 5 stars