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This is for the hardcore ECW fan, 22 July 2005

If your a fan of Eastern Championship Wrestling (which was ECWs name before they became Extreme Championship Wrestling) you will like this event. It is a great mix of many differing styles of wrestling (aerial, hardcore, mat based) and has a lot to enjoy. If your a fan of the WWE style of wrestling and production, you may want to look elsewhere.

If you are a fan of ECW you definitely should check this out. It features many of their top stars (Sabu, Taz (as the Tazmaniac), Terry Funk, Shane Douglas, Sandman, Tommy Dreamer, 2 Cold Scorpio and such) and has a lot of good matches.

I enjoyed it as it had a great feel to it. It had that old school ECW feel with the one camera and bad sound system, but if your a fan of the WWE I wouldn't recommend this as you may get annoyed by this fact.

Still, well worth a watch if you like your wrestling ECW style.