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Seven panelists compiled a list of 250 great animated short films headed by lee-109 and headquartered at the Classic Film Board.

Lee Price describes the project this way:

"Working with a panel of seven self-confessed admirers of animated shorts (and assisted by other regulars at the IMDb Classic Film message board), I recently led the development of a list of 250 great animated shorts.

We’re not claiming these 250 films are necessarily the “best” and we made no attempt at ranking them. Our goal was simply to select some of the greatest for celebration. As a guide for making our selections, I asked my fellow panelists to make an effort to keep the list chronologically balanced (with a representative sampling of shorts from each decade), geographically diverse, and with a reasonable proportion of female to male directors. Our definition of a short film was 40 minutes or less, and we worked without a set definition of what constitutes an animated film.

My sincere thanks to the six panelists who joined with me to create the list: (serriform), Jorge Didaco (jdidaco), Waldemar Hepstein (Rollo Treadway), Bill Kamberger (bkamberger), Robert Reynolds (Iltdesq), and Sulo Vatanen (sulinjal). The names in parentheses are our IMDb monikers (mine is lee-109)."
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