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Queen Sized (2008) (TV)
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It has it's ups and downs, 12 January 2008

Having Nikki B in it was a winning combination for me to watch this movie though I am not the biggest Lifetime movie fanatic. I have to say that though the movie does have some very honest points, it also reminds me why I am not a big lover of life time movies. Nikki B was absolutely charming in this role as an over-weight teenager picked on and prodded by the other kids in her school. Not being the prettiest, not most popular person of any group is always hard and I think that she conveyed that with a style and grace like no other. I even understood and empathized with her in almost ever situation but at times it was a little whiney and slow to move forward with the story and the plot. The movie really didn't need to be the length that it was because sometimes it dragged on and made you more annoyed at the characters, all of them, and I don't think it was trying to. All in all it is nice TV movie with some positive merits-not award winning though by any standard.

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What happened here??, 11 January 2008

Before even seeing the movie I was sure that I was going to love it. It featured one of my most favorite entertainers, Madonna, and an amazing talents of Rupert Everett. Unfortunately the only thing I could do from turn it off was that I had to see the end. There are so many holes and empty dialog's. It is one misgiving after another. You have the feeling that you are watching this feel good and enlightening relationship when you are robbed from it out of any feeling that could be in the same ball park as good. I understand that real life has its twists and turns but to market a movie as one thing and take it to a entirely new level of what this turned into was a complete other story. This movie was, no is mean spirited and awful. You could feel the pain and anguish that Rupert's character felt and that was amazing acting but the story was just so badly written and carried out with Madonna and Ben Bratt. It is a sore to watch and expect anger to come with watching it. I think that perhaps Madonna should just stick to the stage and not to the big screen. And Ben Bratt one day you'll pick a winner when it comes to movie projects (beside Miss Congenality-it's funny!).