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So you oughta let me know :
Should I watch or should I skip ?
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A saucerful (well, half full) of French movies I thoroughly enjoyed watching...
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All these movies deserve at least 6.5 in my book. Mostly medium to high (but not astounding) budget and / or public recognition. A complimentary list to my 'Classics among the Classics' one.
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Many French films and a few classics, mostly from the 70s & 80s
(Missing from Mr. Boulou's videotape collection)
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Title says it all. Usually widely acclaimed and / or big budget movies, featuring world famous actors. Please, also check my other list : "Unforgettable Classics" (minor classics).
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Music is the healing Force.of the Universe
(To quote Albert Ayler)
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a list of 29 titles
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Mostly aired on French TV during the 80s (possibly re-aired
later on)
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Or when the detail distracts some of us from the bigger picture. Let me mention a few things people :
- I have watched entirely every one of these, sometimes in anger or drowsy, but I did
- I do consider a few ones being pure trash, but this is not a worst I have ever seen movie list, it's really the hype which I am aiming at
- Each time you refer to a movie from this list as a masterpiece, a kitten gets stamped upon in the street, so don't!
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Good to awesome movies which didn't quite make it to cult status. "Underrated ones" would not be adequate since most of these are considered gems nevertheless.
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Sometimes fan edits are more convenient (shorter), less censored or / and bring something new to fans the Director couldn't fully achieve (such as inserting some deleted scenes). Note that I watched some of these movies' theatrical or Director's cut, but not all. Obviously, corresponding ratings might be biased for not watching the original films in their entirety.