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Se7en (1995)
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Methodical, Calculated, Brilliant, 8 July 2005

This story takes you where it wants you to go.

The proof is that while there are some gruesome acts in this movie (you only see the aftermath, no action), the most disturbing crime in the movie is the least gruesome.

There are very few movies that pull-off a mix of repulsive crime and psychological involvement as well as this one.

The character development was done very well with while not distracting you by burying you in the personal life of each character

Initially, I felt the main detective character was a little unbelievable a bit too methodical. As the character developed though, you start to see that as a part of his personality, the element that levels the playing field between him and the criminal. In the end, I found him to be as diabolically analytical as the criminal.

The chess game between the main detective and the criminal was flawless. Had they got the criminal into custody any other way than they did.. it would have ruined the movie.