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If you liked Napolean Dynamite, you'll LOVE The Rage in Placid Lake, 9 July 2005

Coming of age film - two best friends have to decide what to do with their lives and what they are willing to compromise. Do you live your life for yourself or your parents dreams?

After an altercation with some bullies, Placid decides being an individual isn't worth the hassle. He shocks his hippy dippy idealistic parents and his best friend when he ceases raging against the machine and goes to work the man in a mundane 9-5 job.

Things are wrapped up predictably and neatly, but the character's journey raises empathy and there are many amusing moments. The director resists going over the top and keeps the humor and message understated yet strong.

Ten (2004)
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Amost a perfect 10, 7 July 2005

In Scott Smith's Ten, a middle-aged man breaks every single commandment in rapid succession.

The film is very thoughtfully crafted. There isn't an extraneous detail, and each prop, each line is carefully chosen for maximum effect. In just a few minutes, the film evokes disgust, amusement and horror. In short(pun intended),the plot, writing and direction are quite brilliant.

The only flaw of the film is the director's confusion of the ten commandments with the seven deadly sins. Once the viewer figures out he really means commandments, the film has meaning beyond a vignette of a morning after scene.

The pace is so fast, I did have to go back and watch a second time.