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Beautifully done and totally absorbing, 16 October 2007

I came into this show late and reluctantly, but I've really fallen in love with it. While FNL is a show that takes some effort to get into, it is one of the few TV shows on these days that offers viewers a really rewarding and thoughtful experience rather than shallow entertainment. Viewers who come in to FNL expecting the traditional still four camera system might be in for a shock; the camera-work on FNL has much more in common with that now in vogue for movies than other television shows, and for this show it appears creative, fluid, and beautiful. It gives it a documentary-style feeling, as if the people depicted truly exist, and if the camera were to wander a little to the left or right it would capture fragments of someone else's story. The characters are rich and multi-faceted, and the dialogue and plot-lines merge intelligent humor with tension and drama. Please do yourself a favor and give this show a chance!