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Before anyone says it, yes, I realize that there's absolutely no chance of an adaptation being made, and this isn't a statement that they should make (or should've made) one. This list is just for fun.

This is a "complete" list for a live action cast of the Final Fantasy series for 2007-2012 (minus FFXI, and FFXIV--since I never played those--and the prequels/sequels/spinoffs) that various GameFAQs users and I came up with. (With help from a few people from other boards and YouTube.) I consider this "complete" since nearly all the main characters for each game are here already.

It's been a year since I first completed it, and I just wanted to revisit the list. For the most part, I am satisfied with the list, so I only made very minor revisions.

So this is our Final Fantasy live action cast list for 2007-2012.

(Bear in mind that the list was started nearly seven years ago. Some actors/actresses have since gotten too old for their roles. Basically, this list is now more of a what could've been.)

That said, any feedback, and new or better suggestions would still be appreciated.

Here is a slideshow video of the choices:

And the complete list can be seen below.

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This is a hypothetical live action cast list for the video game The Legend Of Dragoon. I hope you like it.

YouTube slideshow of list: