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Johnny's psychic powers lead him to the aid of an apparently senile Cold War era spy who seems to be disappearing., 12 May 2006

This may be my favorite episode in this often under-rated, excellent series. Writer David Benz's tribute to an era of cool, post-war macho leading men epitomized by guest star Robert Culp, is affectionate without being geeky or unduly nostalgic. The chemistry between Culp and Anthony Michael Hall is as good as that between Kelly Robinson and Alexander Scott (Culp's and Bill Cosby's roles in there ground-breaking '60's series, "I Spy"). One can't escape the feeling that Michael's characterization of Johnny Smith is somehow a descendant of Culp's portrayal of Kelly. Both actors share a similar stylized intensity that makes them compelling in any role. Together, they are terrific. The episode leaves you wishing there could be a sequel or reprise that exploits their dynamic more fully.