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the program is about goodlooking hamster, being tested lol, 8 February 2008

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Soo funny, especially when the bloke was physically sick, when he was last in the the scientifically goodlooking, what a Muppet! who is the best looking out of them all none. a good program to watch on a Sunday, when your extremely hung over, I actually laugh out loud when laying in bed.. watching the first episode. Definitely watching this again next Sunday. I love Alexa she is so funny and she a Chung!! They should make more of these, UK reality show are the best. I love trap too, channel four is definitely the best channel. gonna keep writing more crap because my life is so boring!! blah blah blah, is that 10 lines yet, nope 1 green bottle sitting on the wall, the other bellow mellow, loves pillow.

"My name sucks"

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Great!!!, 29 April 2007

After watching this movie, I can watch again and its is still funny, I recommended it to my m8s and they love it too, hell they wanted to watch it again. Although Swardson could of had a bigger role but it all good mix, of humour and 8 mile,

Terry Crews role was just hilarious, he can always make me laugh :O when is he gonna be a lead in a comedy???

I love Kennedy work,I don't know about his song maybe he Should that go and keep making comedy films.

Every character is great in this Most enjoyable. And Even people who are down with it. Love it!!! 8/10 "my uncle gave it to me for my birthday" you will laugh when you hear this quote occurs in the movie. Cant wait for 'Kickin it old Skool'.

How High (2001)
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A Must See Film For Fans of Anything Ever!!!, 1 August 2005

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How High must be one of the funniest films i've seen in a long time.

Reminiscent of the early work of the Wayans brothers this movie rolls the joint, lights it, helps you smoke it AND brings a bag o chocolate, for your munchies!

If you take a light hearted view on weed this film is for you. however if you find the idea of getting high to talk to your dead friend appalling bad taste then i suggest you go back to watching "Pride and Prejudice" or "The God Channel"

All in all I feel this film is a classic that belongs in every 20 something's collection.

So... Roll It, Light It, Smoke It, Pass It!