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Don't know what the critics are smoking ... Dark tone doesn't mean bad, 23 March 2016

I have to admit that poor reviews from critics a day before lowered down my expectations, so may be this is why I liked the movie ??? Either way, The best critic is the viewer himself, so I went anyway. All I can say that I had a damn good time, and the movie is not what most critics are making it to be.

It is a comic book movie, hence it is supposed to be action packed. Fight scenes are great, story moves rather quickly. Batman is like never seen before, Dark and Grittier. Superman is somewhat one dimensional, but grows eventually. Their confrontation pays off. However, the third act with Doomsday (not a spoiler, watch trailer) is kinda long, and unnecessary. In my opinion, that makes the movie lengthy and rather boring, and gives the feeling that too much is crammed up. May be it is only supposed to be work as a prequel for Justice League films.

Other than that this movie take huge elements from Watchmen in style. This movie is definitely not for kids or people who like their movies 'Disneyfied'. This movie took some bold risks with story and characters, and that something not many superhero movies are willing to do. Its Visually stunning with good soundtrack. It falls short in Editing, as it looks like it was constructed rather quickly, with story line going all over the place. That gives me hope on the Director's Cut of the film that it would be a proper film.

On the scale of Comic book movies I enjoy, its definitely somewhat close to the original Avengers (way better than Age of Ultron), only darker in tone, but not up to any of the Dark Knight sequels.

"Revenge" (2011)
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Revenge - The Countess of Monte Cristo, 25 September 2011

The plot of this series has similarities to the Count of Monte Cristo story. A young girl whose life was shattered by some people and now after many years she came back to live among them only to get revenge. This series has a much darker side then it shows and it slowly progresses to the story line. Emily Van Camp did a tremendous job playing the lead and during the pilot, she manages to show a glimpse of her dark side for the episodes to come. Madeleine Stowe is typically cold-hearted and evil, and suspects Emily from the start. The Main story line focuses on these two playing a game of cat and mouse with each other, where other characters are there as well with their own agendas. I hope this series maintain its level of darkness and twists ...

"Homeland" (2011)
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'24' like feel all over again ..., 20 September 2011

A Show that will follow Dexter on Showtime and is created by Producers of '24' was enough to make me excited. The pilot is fantastic and has the capability to produce a lot of weekly loyal viewers.

The Story is about a US Marine (Damian Lewis) who returned home after being held captive for 10 years by terrorists and has immediately caught the attention of public and press as a National Hero. But a CIA agent (Claire Danes) thinks otherwise and place the Marine as part of a terrorist plot and spies on him.

The Plot of the show is simple enough yet It has a lot of room to expand and go in a lot of different directions. Damian Lewis did an excellent job with his character, Claire Danes felt a little short from her character but her character will be explored more and i think she will grow into it as the series progresses. Morena Baccarin role as Marine's wife is also worth mentioning as She is in the center of it all with some secrets of her own.

So far it has the same '24' like twists and thrills as both main characters play each other in a game of cat and mouse.

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A really funny show in making ..., 22 September 2010

I happened to catch 'raising hope' by accident. I was expecting just another mindless sitcom with over-dubbed laughs ... but i got to say ... surprised..

First of all not a lot of shows are shown these days which had teenage parents raising their child, considering the fact a huge amount of teenagers go through with it. may be society wants to keep this hidden or some doesn't find the idea of an idiot teenager raising kid funny. i still think its a good move because all parents are near-idiots there first time.

Secondly this show has just the right combination of elements of sincere family sarcasm (like modern family) and totally insane hilarious situations (like how i met your mother).

Since i have only seen the pilot, i can guess the upcoming episodes would be extremely funny if the writers did well or FOX didn't cancel it for being such a ratings whore.

Felon (2008)
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Life of a prisoner, 3 August 2008

This movie really speaks to me, not because the main character is the innocent man but because it shows you how one's life changes overnight, how people face the life in prison, adapt their new life and how people on the outside world are unaware of that. This movie also reveals the relation of a Cop and a Con and the tension between them. An excellent preview of prison life, makes everyone realize that how Things go completely wrong . This movie in spite of being low budget contains some serious acting and motivational story, it also gives a great insight of reasons behind the crimes from accidental to intentional vengeance and also how responsibility haunts one into going insane. It teaches the value of Family and believing in them. An incredible movie ...

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PrisonBreak made TV worthwhile, 11 November 2007

I have never been a TV viewer, because the whole idea of waiting for another episode seems stupid. but in case of Prison Break , i cant wait for its next episodes. This TV series is actually a movie with same suspense, twists, action and drama except that its on TV. The writers are so very talented that Prison Break is going through its 3rd season and i cant name a single episode which is boring or ordinary. Its every episode is full of so much thriller and excitement that you can only find in a whole movie. The direction is awesome and the cast is the best there is. The standard of writing is the quality of this show and viewers have to solve a puzzle in every episode which expands the plot of the series .Its a must see for suspense lovers as it will make you surprise every time you see it.