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Nobuta wo produce (2005– )
Great, but get's tiring
17 February 2006
It's a great show, and Kame's acting is very great. YamePi on the other hand acts drunk most of the time, but his acting excellent too! The girl in the story got bit of annoying though. Basically, the story takes depth as it continues, and a love triangle somewhat evolves. Shuji (Kamenashi Kazuya) and Akira (YamePi) are the points of the story. But as for the girl, things just get worse as she gets adjusted to knew life. There is even a song by Kame and YamePi, "Seishun Amigo". I thinks it's the greatest song ever! But, I would give it a 9 out of a 10, because it could've built more suspense, but it didn't seem to do that.
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Great Movie!
9 December 2005
I really loved this movie! I saw it just today and it was simply outstanding. Though it wasn't like the book a lot, it was really great! From music, to acting, this movie is a must watch for LOTR fans! There were a few problems though: 1-it was a kind of fast movie 2-adding some more sequence and time to it, would not hurt 3-the acting could have been more better (but considering it was the children's first movie, that's okay) all in all this is a must see movie! Aslan's voice was done by Liam Neeson, and that's a good thing because everything matched so perfectly well together. And as the movie starts on, you sit at the edge of your seat, dying to know what happens.(that's because it's way different from the book, and I knew I sat at the edge of my chair!)
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Red Eye (2005)
Great thriller
22 August 2005
I was so excited to see this movie right when it came out, and what can I say? It was very satisfying. If you're into thrillers and such, I recommend you this movie. It was just to darn good. It's not all set in a airplane...That's just to "Panic Room"-ish. It goes through the whole movie in a whole unique way, and I just think that this movie is just right for any good night enjoyment time. I thought that 85 minutes was a bit too little for a movie, but gladly I was wrong. This movie is just too great and the actors Rachel McAdams and Cillian Murphy receive a thumbs up! It was just too good. I also watched it on the Giant Screen Experience which made it even better! So watch it while it lasts!
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