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Good candidate for worst ever, 15 June 2009

I saw this based on some positive reviews just in case it really was a more serious movie that wasn't based on blood and gore like most "horror" today. Well, there wasn't much blood. The "impressive" ghosts were roughly leftover props and effects from "Ghostbusters", the plot was barely noticeable and they found the most annoying actor available for the male lead. Well, maybe it did match the character. And the "twist" wasn't too overplayed. Barely competent work but pointless and tasteless.

It does deserve some kind of award for the most ludicrous title ever, though.

One of the greatest live videos ever, 24 July 2005

The Live Evolution project is a sort of cross-section of Queensrÿche history. It has been divided into four phases/eras/suites: EP/Warning/Rage, Empire/Promised Land, HITNF/Q2k and Mindcrime. The disc also contains interviews and some other extra material. The material appears to be recorded on two days at the same stage and comes across as a very coherent concert experience.

The technical aspect is excellent and the playing is very controlled and manages to bring the wide array of music contained on the numerous records into one package very well, fusing old and new material together.

Naturally DeGarmo was a huge part of Queensrÿche and will feel missing here. On the other hand, this recording really shows just how much Michael Wilton (and the rest) can do. The singing is commendable and quite faithful to the originals, containing no ugly visioning or surprises that so typically tend to end up on live records.

It is clearly a live show but it manages to have sound and performance "quality" rivaling studio recordings. As such, the DVD and CD could even be considered a partial remake of the old material that doesn't suffer from lack of recording technology or experience and dated style etc that tends to haunt older studio records.

Great work from a very professional and talented group of musicians and production crew.