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RoboCop (2014)
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A Completely Soulless and Bland Film, 17 February 2014

Maybe being a nostalgic fan of the original hurts my perception but the entire movie felt soulless to me. It's like they were so concerned with making the concept feasible and believable that they forgot to have fun. It's science fiction, why does it have to be grim and dark to the point of tedium? So many technical scenes involving brain surgery and unsettling depictions of Murphy as a head and lungs added to enough technogabblygook to glaze the eyes choked a lot of the fun out of the film for me. Add really bad ham-fisted attempts at political commentary and this movie strayed all over the landscape. There are no great action sequences and absolutely no laughs in sight. Since there really isn't a connection with any character emotionally, what's the point?

Iron Man 3 (2013)
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Unique, Interesting and Entertaining to the MAX, 26 April 2013

I really love this movie because it's so unique. The "cool" factor is still there but there's a twist and depth I didn't see coming. How Tony deals with his form of post-traumatic stress after the events of Avengers is actually dealing with it in a way you've never seen from a superhero. Tony is motivated to do better when he realizes that he's not a god; just a genius in a suit, trying to up his game. He has always thought of himself as top dog and knew he was a narcissist. Now, the notion that he has encountered beings and situations that make him feel small plays big as the movie starts. He has been to space/another dimension, nearly gotten killed by crazed aliens, met a god that can throw lightning bolts and smash him across the forest with a hammer, has encountered a legend that his father used to talk about that lives up to the legend. His confidence is shaken and has diminished. He knows true fear and he feels like, unless he can build the perfect man through armor and technology, he's going to be outdone and overwhelmed. Fury perfectly pointed it out in Avengers when he said, "We are hilariously, hopelessly outgunned." This is where the movie gets really interesting. There's a reason why he's building armor and why he's much more comfortable when he's in the suit. Those suits are taken away from him. He's just a man and he can't possibly compete at the level the world and events in this movie now demand. That is the impetus for the entire story. Strip down the character, rip everything off him and leave him "naked" against these incredible forces. Without the armor, The Avengers or his resources, the man must find the strength from within himself, especially within his mind. A lot of this exceptional journey is Tony learning to become Tony Stark again outside the armor. It's an amazing and refreshing direction they choose to take. His emotional response is believable and is appropriate. Sure the action is as good as it gets but that character depth and grounded behavior is the heart of this film.

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I loved this movie's depth, heart, humor, gravitas, action, performances, emotion and payoff., 14 April 2012

This remarkable movie easily fulfilled and then exceeded all expectations. I've been waiting for this movie since Sam Jackson's character uttered those famous words after the first Iron Man film... Stark now knows he's not the only superhero in his world and it's as big a treat for our real world as it gets. Seeing the "Avenger Initiative" in action is as great as I would ever have hoped! Hell, who am I kidding, I've been waiting to see this movie all my life. Who would've thought years ago that ALL these characters could fit in to a film and all of them be done justice? It delivers greatness from scene one and has to be considered the best this genre has EVER produced. Truthfully, as good as some of the previous work has been from every studio, nothing else has come close. That's not hyperbole; I really think most will agree if they see it with an open mind. I loved this movie's depth, heart, humor, gravitas, action, performances, emotion and payoff. I honestly can't wait to see it again with the rest of the world later. Right now, I'm simply basking in the greatness I just witnessed!

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Exceptional in Every Way. One of the Best Films of 2011., 17 December 2011

This is without a doubt a superior film to the original and simply one of the best movies of the year. I enjoyed everything and every moment. Robert Downey Jr. again proves why he's one of the cinema's masters. Moriarty is the perfect villain and watching how these legendary characters match wits is everything I had hoped. The shear adventure, fun and wit are masterfully tempered by a dramatic overtone. The action also held up well and some of those scenes are the most imaginative and most beautifully presented scenes of any film this year. There's a race through the woods, slo-motion sequence that's as visually stunning as any art house film ever made. Released during the time of year where often times pretentious films make an Oscar grab, this action/adventure movie vaults right to the top of my best of the year list.

I loved this movie yet I'm a complete Sherlock Holmes novice. Never read the books nor have I even seen the old shows or movies. I know the legend and the basics but not much else. I saw the first film because I'm a RDJ fan. So, I bring no baggage to this franchise. As film, I was entertained by the first and highly engaged by the second. This movie is simply a well structured, fun and remarkably smart movie. Moriarty's motive is solid and ominous. Holmes takes his quirky genius presented in the first film to new levels. Watson was the stunner for me. He's every bit the partner and as big a factor as Holmes all the way through. Even his actions are smart and fit the plot perfectly. There's depth to all the roles. That's what I loved most.

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Hugely Entertaining. Delivers in Every Way!, 29 May 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

An outstanding effort, what a superb early summer this has been! The characters, effects, and story were all beyond great. Bryan Singer is back and it clearly showed. Add director Vaughn's touch and both display an amazing vision. They manage to keep the story intense and flowing but filled with depth and heart. They also kept an eye on what has come before without being burdened or overly tied to it. If you've never seen any x-film, you'll still love this movie. That said, it builds for another installment and I absolutely can't wait to see it and to see where we go next. The Singer and Vaughn team also manages to deliver a little bit of everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. There's intrigue, romance, conspiracy, drama, conflict, historical context, retro flavor, fun, humor and of course, kick butt comic book style slugfests.

I think this is now the best comic book movie summer ever (even though it's not even officially summer yet) and I'm not exaggerating. 2008 was great but I think we have a new king. Thor was pure greatness and Captain America looks superb. This was the only question mark from Marvel's stable and they absolutely hit it out of the park. Erik and Charles are now given room to thrive and breathe, find their own voice and their own distinctiveness. The plot becomes more intricate as the situations become more dire. Not many adaptations have ever dug as deep as First Class. These are truly some of the most complex characters I've ever seen in a super hero based movie. They're a group of characters who are so well written and full of small, personal moments that they match the best of their rich, four-color origins. They become living, breathing people whom have pasts, presents and futures and I can't wait to see where this new cast takes us from this point forward.

I love this younger Xavier and the fact that his youthful flaws are fully on display. Charles is caught up in himself as most people are in their youth. He is proud and confident young man, and he's certainly not the selfless person that we saw in the X-Men trilogy. I love the fact that the writers were smart enough to convey these elements and show a young man in need of growth. They easily could've made him a "mini me" version of Patrick Stewart's Xavier. Instead they went much deeper and the result is much more interesting. Charles' relationship with Raven/Mystique is fascinating especially when you compare both character to what they will become later. She's an assistant to him and he cares for her, but his ego causes unintended consequences. At times, Charles gives off a condescending, big-brother attitude and that fits so well to the growth the character needs to undertake. You see it in the way he treats the others. In the trilogy, he's exorcised that from his personality. Here, his ego is on a par with Magneto and that makes for an interesting dynamic.

Overall, just like X2, I had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this movie.