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On the Way (2004) (V)
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A moment in time, 4 July 2005

For Peter Mulvey fans, this film captures and preserves an important musical period in his career. If you're not familiar with Peter, this will be a great introduction to this fabulous guitarist, songwriter & consummate entertainer. Peter is such a prolific song writer that he has to drop many songs from his performance list because he just can't perform them all and he needs to play the new material. This DVD was done at a time when he was still performing the best of his earlier songs like Black Rabbit, Out here and If love is not enough. But it also includes some of his newer songs and "covers" as well. When Peter covers a song, he makes it his own interpretation and it's usually an improvement on the original. There's a great list of guest artists, as well, including Peter's long-time sidekick and co-writer, David "Goody" Goodrich. It also documents his recording of the "Ten thousand mornings" CD which was all recorded in the subways of Cambridge, Massachusetts. The quality of the video is good, but not great. At several points the audio is slightly out of sync with the video, but the magic of the music and the performances is captured and that's what really counts! I purchased this DVD and will treasure it for a long time.