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Homicide: Life on the Street: Self Defense (1999)
Season 7, Episode 18
The Judge called him "Bunny"
9 March 2007
I enjoyed a rerun of this episode recently from WGN and I noticed during the scene where Gee meets with the judge, the judge called him Bunny, which is of course the nickname of Colvin from The Wire. I can't remember seeing the Homicide movie, but I've read that Gee was running for Mayor on a "legalize drugs" campaign. Funny how ideas spill over and come to fruition years later. There are lots of other examples of actors or tidbits or themes bleeding through from Homicide to Oz and to the Wire. For instance, I can't remember which episode, but definitely in the last season Meldrick was called "Bunk" by someone in the homicide squad room. The fine actor Lee Tergeson portrayed Officer Chris Thormann on Homicide years before his unforgettable role as Tobias Beecher on Oz. I could go on and on, but you get the idea. Homicide was a great show!
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